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Materialism in a sentence

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Sentence count:139Posted:2017-02-17Updated:2020-07-24
Antonym: idealismSimilar words: materialisticmaterialbuilding materialsindustrial capitalismsocialismcolonialismexistentialismindustrialisationMeaning: [mə'tɪərɪəlɪzm]  n. 1. a desire for wealth and material possessions with little interest in ethical or spiritual matters 2. (philosophy) the philosophical theory that matter is the only reality. 
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1. Idealism is opposite to / from materialism.
2. Our civilization remains enslaved to materialism.
3. Materialism represents the triumph of theory over experience.
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4. Marx's philosophy of history is dialectical materialism.
5. It is old-style materialism writ large.
6. Plato would probably have puked at Williams' seeming materialism.
7. We live in a time of crass materialism.
8. But during the Eighties, when materialism and malfeasance predominated, the electorate suffered guilt pains.
9. Yet a scorn for materialism, the measurement of wealth, is fundamental to Buddhism which is rooted in the national psychology.
10. His main target was vanity, and how materialism has put a brake on the human race.
11. How could I absorb the language of atheistic materialism and class struggle when it seemed so strange and pernicious?
12. In general, what the theory of dialectic materialism states is that every society is structured around its material basis of production.
13. They were accused of materialism, wanting designer clothes instead of babies.
14. This materialism also means that the traditional tyrants, the parents-in-law, are being increasingly regarded by married couples as burdens.
15. The materialism was crass, everyone's expectations had been aroused, and few people had been satisfied.
16. The cynicism and materialism already so prevalent in our culture are given the imprimatur of policy.
17. In this basic sense both historical materialism and Marxist political economy are undeniably structuralist.
18. In all these respects, materialism functions just like theism, as one competing metaphysical scheme amongst others.
19. Materialism says that the only things that exist are material things in space.
20. So have we become a self-centred society, preoccupied with materialism?
21. In the west some people think that ours is an age marked by a strong movement toward materialism.
22. The movement born as an alternative to the arid materialism of consumer culture is here hawked and promoted like any commercial venture.
23. The overwhelming impression of Soul is of a science in retreat, forced to admit the inadequacy of its materialism.
24. Our high desires for spiritual reality are transmuted into the sordid quest for consumerism and materialism.
25. Self-improvement and upward mobility became suspect in the general Sixties backlash against bourgeois materialism.
26. He had made an attempt to overthrow the eighteenth-century system of materialism and this attempt, with Coleridge's help, succeeded.
27. The flashy gear turned you, however unwillingly, into a sort of pied piper of Western materialism.
28. In this respect Bukharin's grasp and use of historical materialism was superior to that of Preobrazhensky.
29. And would its spiritual aura survive the debasing onslaught of materialism?
30. What a challenge to a life that is caught in the whirlpool of materialism!
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