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Arbiter in a sentence

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Synonym: arbitratorsupreme authoritySimilar words: arbitraryarbitrateorbitharbingerexorbitantexorbitantlybitecounterfeiterMeaning: ['ɑːbɪtə]  n. 1. someone with the power to settle matters at will 2. someone chosen to judge and decide a disputed issue. 
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1. Andrew was the arbiter of the disagreement.
2. He was the ultimate arbiter on both theological and political matters.
3. The law is the final arbiter of what is considered obscene.
4. The government will be the final arbiter in the dispute over the new road.
5. Who will be the final arbiter?
6. Science is the final arbiter and a self-correcting process in the development of trustworthy knowledge.
7. Many a western arbiter of taste frowned upon the above paintings when in the form of gilt-framed reproductions.
8. As with the television shows, the arbiter of success is the ratings.
9. That was the key - the final arbiter of success or failure.
10. Innocent needed to be approached as arbiter and he wanted certain guarantees.
11. The arbiter model has been developed to analyse major institutional changes in post-war liberal democracies by Poulantzas' concept of authoritarian statism.
12. Arbiter theorists also recognize that liberal democratic states vary greatly in their internal organization between federal and unitary forms.
13. The arbiter is a junior judge[], Denny Chin .
14. The judgment of an arbitrator or arbiter.
15. The arbiter will have the last say.
16. He acted as an arbiter.
17. The army, however, is hardly a neutral arbiter.
18. An arbiter compromised their differences.
19. He is an arbiter between the contending parties.
20. Experiment is the final arbiter in science.
21. French culture is no longer the arbiter of taste.
22. The European Court of Justice will be the final arbiter in the dispute.
23. Harley then insisted that the tournament director, who is the ultimate arbiter at professional tournaments,[] be summoned.
24. Once again the United States seemed to be the arbiter of war and peace in the Middle East.
25. The party has the right of appeal to the Secretary of State who is the final arbiter.
26. But he is, none the less, the head of the family, the final arbiter.
27. But when the paparazzi responded by taking pictures of Buckingham Palace-based Mr Arbiter, he angrily demanded their names.
28. One manager anticipated that she would be called upon frequently as arbiter in disputes between subordinates and customers.
29. The desire for self-sufficiency and material security has remained a key arbiter of foreign relations.
30. Though everybody pays lip service to performance, politics is often the ultimate arbiter of their fate.
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