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Materialistic in a sentence

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Sentence count:62Posted:2016-12-14Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: materialbuilding materialsrealisticritualisticcharacteristicdevice characteristicspecialisteristicMeaning: [mə'tɪrɪə'lɪstɪk /-'tɪər-]  adj. 1. marked by materialism 2. conforming to the standards and conventions of the middle class. 
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1. Children today are so materialistic.
2. During the 1980s Britain became a very materialistic society.
3. This reversed the materialistic concept that conditions determine psychology.
4. Christmas has become materialistic and commercial.
5. Less materialistic than other groups, and showing high tolerance levels.
6. Marx's philosophy of history, however, is materialistic as well as dialectic.
7. They are materialistic and pushy, motivated by acquisition, competition, and getting ahead.
8. She mocks the snobbish, hypocritical and materialistic views of many people and their narrow views.
9. Western societies are becoming more materialistic as their wealth increases.
10. But the problem is that we are not materialistic enough.
11. Modernity, then, is incurably materialistic but it can look towards either collectivism or individualism.
12. I am not materialistic and I am not snobby, I hope.
13. They were still thinking of the kingdom in materialistic terms.
14. Kids these days are very materialistic. They only seem to be interested in expensive toys and computer games.
15. I'm worrying something, girls in China is becoming materialistic.
16. She made him both soft and materialistic.
17. You lawyers are so materialistic, you make me sick!
18. Materialistic dialectics is an important part of constituting Marxism.
19. I am hardworking and am non - materialistic.
20. We live in a materialistic society and are trained from our earliest years to be acquisitive.
21. In contrast to a materialistic, competition-centered model of the world, the traditionalistic, idealistic model may, for men, be much more egalitarian.
22. He was a reductionist who believed that everything could be explained in materialistic
23. This natural science of geomancy, still practised in the East, is almost forgotten or ignored by western materialistic science.
24. We realise today that this reactionary generation grew up to be the most materialistic the world has ever known.
25. The conception about reacting mechanically to events is not a purely materialistic one, as it may seem at first sight.
26. He had never previously thought of himself as acquisitive or even as particularly materialistic.
27. We produced more food, decade after decade, and saw the civilized nations becoming increasingly materialistic.
28. Darwin challenged this approach with his revival of the materialistic alternative.
29. We are of the deeply held belief that many human beings have come to behave as materialistic tyrants.
30. Now she is here to bring his ancient path of balanced self-cultivation to our materialistic shores.
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