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Porous in a sentence

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Synonym: holeyporiferousSimilar words: odorousamorousvigorousrigoroustimoroushumorousdecorousdolorousMeaning: ['pɔːrəs]  adj. 1. able to absorb fluids 2. full of pores or vessels or holes 3. allowing passage in and out. 
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1. The local limestone is very porous.
2. In hot weather clothes made of a porous material like cotton are best.
3. Swimming is helpful for bones that are porous and weak.
4. Beads of moisture perspired through the porous walls of the clay jug.
5. The border in this region is porous and many refugees have simply walked
6. The shell has to be slightly porous to enable oxygen to pass in.
7. Some rocks are more porous than others.
8. Crumbling and porous material is best dug out and replaced by new.
9. Cracks should be repaired with a filler, and porous surfaces primed with a sealant or a diluted coat of masonry paint.
10. Layers of rock that are porous and permeable enough to store water and let it flow through them easily are called aquifers.
11. If the flashing looks sound but is obviously porous, clean the surface thoroughly with a wire brush.
12. The original porous bone has been consolidated to become much heavier than it would have been in life.
13. Plants in containers made of porous material, must be watered more often than those in plastic pots.
14. Porous sandstones near the top of the Sherwood Sandstone occur beneath thick impervious halite horizons in the Mercia Mudstone.
15. They say that because the chalk's porous, dangerous chemicals could seep into groundwater below.
16. Graham found that light gases diffuse through porous surfaces more rapidly than heavy gases.
17. The thin, external walls of the chimneys are porous and so oxygen from the outside atmosphere diffuses in.
18. Now, thanks to modern architecture and a porous defense, neither is a problem.
19. A porous polymer membrane bag seals the electrolyte, allowing water vapour, but not the acid solution, to pass.
20. Blagdon supply Bio-Filter Medium high-grade semi porous light clay granules with a large surface area.
21. The makers Schott claim that this porous glass material has exactly the right combination of aerobic and anaerobic opportunities for bacterial growth.
22. He added sand to the soil to make it more porous.
23. Tortolano fed Weir and he touched the ball on to McGinlay, who ran through a porous home defence to score easily.
24. The gas bubbles get trapped if you add flour, lifting the dough and making it porous.
25. It is caused by a loss of calcium in the bones that makes them become softer, porous and weaker.
26. Martha discovered that a few simple rules about her home office are helping to maintain this porous and transparent border.
27. Others, like sponges, consisted of a colony of cells with a porous skeleton.
28. Normally, most of the water in urine is recycled through the porous walls of the collecting tubes.
29. The elaborate nets thrown out by air proved far too porous to trap major enemy units.
30. The quick deposition of these sediments resulted in clay compaction and the isolation of porous and permeable sand with impermeable shales.
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