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Dependant in a sentence

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Sentence count:49Posted:2017-03-03Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: dependentdrug-addictedhookedqualifiedstrung-outSimilar words: dependancedependabledependdepend ondependingdependentinterdependentattendantMeaning: [-dənt]  n. a person who relies on another person for support (especially financial support). adj. 1. contingent on something else 2. addicted to a drug. 
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1, As hobbies go, kite flying is very weather dependant.
2, In Austin, dependant care issues are a particular concern.
3, The fate of the knowledge is dependant on the particular subject area, and on the awareness of putative consultants.
4, The word dependant will not be used in this way as a noun.
5, Tumour staging was dependant upon the histological features and the clinical findings at the time of resection.
6, It can take up to 30 days, dependant on temperature for a biological filter to become established.
7, The dependent dependant cannot live independently.
8, Are you still dependant on your father?
9, They were all dependant relatives of the comprador.
10, I am little better than a dependant.
11, The tensile behaviour of fibres is dependant on the weak structure of the fibre.
12, This is all dependant on the mother and where the energies cause plate movement.
13, A sick dog is as much a dependant as a sick child.
14, ADC results are dependant on the setting of the decimal flag.
15, The formation and the size of mushroom are dependant upon the cooling capacity of blowing gas.
16, In test instruments,[] resolution of the system is dependant on spectral purity of the monochrometer.
17, The performance of your code is directly dependant on the number of instructions in your shader.
18, Married women receive only the basic pension as their husband's dependant.
19, He says we're going toward a two tier system and those dependant on the state are seen as failures.
20, Contemporary Frankish writers are explicit in making the timing of the battle of Fontenoy dependant on Pippin's appearance.
21, Overall the effects of caring obviously vary considerably depending upon the relationship and residential relationship of carer and dependant.
22, However, you do not receive an increment for any week when you or a dependant are receiving another national insurance benefit.
23, Another important subdivision of the informal caring population must be made concerning the relationship between carer and dependant.
24, Frequently for a carer, personal needs take second place to the hard physical and mental effort required for the dependant.
25, Indeed, it is very likely that the process varies with the relationship between the carer and dependant.
26, The company will continue to pay the employees, who are off sick up to a maximum number of weeks in any one year dependant on length of service.
27, Often empowered by Project Management Professional (PMP) certification, PMs find themselves increasingly dependant on domain-specific expertise.
28, This class is both a labour and an exploiter time , both a builder and a dependant.
29, Most of gyroscope bearings are precious angular contact ball bearings, The precision and life of gyroscope is dependant on the performance of bearing .
30, You are entitled to receive a government allowance for each dependant who is living with you.
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