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Insular in a sentence

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Antonym: continentalSimilar words: insulatepeninsulainsulatorinsulatedinsultconsulateadd insult to injuryconsultMeaning: ['ɪnsələr /-sjʊlə] adj. 1. relating to or characteristic of or situated on an island 2. suggestive of the isolated life of an island 3. narrowly restricted in outlook or scope. 
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1, A continental climate is different from an insular one.
2, The British are often accused of being insular.
3, This strikes me as just as arrogant and insular as would be a judgment pronounced on a ghetto kid.
4, Truth does far less harm than insular complacency.
5, This is an insular community, its only link with the rest of the world being the lonely Glenelg road.
6, It mixes humour and sentiment in a characteristically insular way.
7, Insular Is it because they seem to package their major sporting events in a more professional manner?
8, The residents of this city have an insular mindset, so strangers are not always made welcome.
9, Landres is a small, insular community in the Midwest.
10, Each group has its insular concerns and each is locked within the tunnel vision of its own experience and tangible self-interest.
11, Clearly, then, Laura Holmes's family is tribal, matriarchal, insular.
12, Edna McGurk came from an insular inner circle of elite Philadelphia society.
13, They are insular rather than embracing.
14, And the abnormal activation of prefrontal lobe. left insular and thalamus can be regulated after venlafaxine treatment.
15, Objective To assess the effect of insular cortex on cardiac damage in patients with cerebral apoplexy.
16, But China's insular financial system has also kept it underdeveloped.
17, The British caricature themselves as a nation of insular xenophobes.
18, Patients had no insular activation but the anterior cingule was activated, while not in volunteers.
19, North Korea, by contrast, is insular,( centralised and destitute.
20, Methods:Applying the insular skin flap of the cutaneous branch of cervical of transverse cervical artery to repair the severe cervical cicatricial contracture malformation in all 17 cases.
21, Morphologically insular growth pattern. DDx include carcinoid tumor and metastatic adenocarcinoma before considering other primary ovarian tumors.
22, He became insular, emotionally dead, passionless and morose.
23, Having lived in one place all his life, his views are insular.
24, It is a face that masks emotion rather than displays it, a composed face, insular, a little haughty.
25, The whole scene represented by these extensive remains is determinedly backward-looking and insular.
26, Objective: Reporting clinical experience of repairing the defect of thumb or the tigers mouth with a reverse insular fan shaped fascia flap with vein and nerve pedicel of second metacarpus .
27, Objective : To improve the effect of diagnosis and therapy for insular gliomas.
28, Conclusion: It is a feasible and effective method to remove the insular tumors through the pterion.
29, Rural towns exist on the fringe of civilization, filled with sullen , insular and mistrustful citizens.
30, When the controls perceived odors, the bilateral amygdala, piriform, and anterior insular and cingulate cortices were activated.
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