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Lambaste in a sentence

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Sentence count:19Posted:2016-12-09Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: bawl outberatecall downcall on the carpetcanechew outchew upchidedress downfloghave wordsjawlambastlectureragrebukeremonstratereprimandreproofscoldtake to tasktrounceSimilar words: ambassadorbombasticflamboyanthastemastereasterntaste ofdisasterMeaning: [læm'beɪst]  v. 1. beat with a cane 2. censure severely or angrily. 
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1. The professor lambasted me for my careless mistake.
2. Democrats lambasted the President's budget plan for being 'inadequate'.
3. His first novel was well and truly lambasted by the critics.
4. He gave vent to his anger and lambasted the shipping manager for not having alerted him that Clarion Call was overdue.
5. It was then she realised that he was lambasting her with the tennis racquet.
6. Former All Black internationals lambasted the error-prone display,[Sentencedict] and radio shows were filled with criticism.
7. Pa. ), who then proceeded to lambaste Toyota for failing to act sooner to deal with safety problems and threw in a plug for the U. S. product-liability system.
8. Teacher's silent half point at me and lambaste after ring:You are a smelly rascal!
9. I know some people may lambaste me for this statement, but in all honestly, there's a strong level of truth in that assumption.
10. You often publicly lambaste certain industries or practices, but rarely specific companies or people.
11. Mitterrand had ambiguous relations with money, the power of which he regularly lambasted.
12. Forbes recently spoke in favor of a balanced-budget amendment, but his columns have lambasted the idea.
13. The Republican Party holds its pre-election convention in Minneapolis-St Paul to anoint its candidate to succeed President Bush - and to lambaste the Democrats.
14. After an exhausting primary season, the Democratic Party gathers in Denver to anoint its presidential candidate and lambaste the Republicans.
15. Even someone at in order to suffer from a harmful kid to greatly make a school, lambaste a teacher and greatly go to law court, the public also all everythings carry on in the kid's eyelid underneath.
16. Caesar is still so a smiling face of glitter, but the celebration cared chilly Ling Feng then cut up rowdy and had no to rationally lambaste:"You this ......this shameless female!"
17. The cool president has turned hot on the stump, stripping to shirtsleeves to lambaste doubters in New Jersey Thursday.
18. I have met people that praise my country for its equality freedom and wealth and I have met others that lambaste it for its inequality tolerance of iniquity and selfishness.
19. I originally think to say so, she will be definitely very bashful, Adidas JS Teddy Bear, again or is lambaste my sex maniac.
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