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Dislodge in a sentence

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Sentence count:47Posted:2016-12-09Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: bumpdisplacefreerepositionshiftSimilar words: disloyaldislocateexplodeslotmalodorousslopemelodramaticslow downMeaning: [dɪs'lɒdʒ]  v. 1. remove or force out from a position 2. change place or direction 3. remove or force from a position of dwelling previously occupied. 
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1 They needed a bulldozer to dislodge the rock.
2 The rebels have so far failed to dislodge the President.
3 We need two wins to dislodge the French team from first place.
4 There's something between my teeth and I can't dislodge it.
5 This is sufficient to dislodge any particles.
6 It was 30 minutes before rescuers could dislodge the food from his throat.
7 Army commanders were preparing to dislodge the militia from the capital.
8 The most difficult volatiles to dislodge will be those borne in compounds such as carbonates and hydroxy silicates.
9 He had managed to dislodge the noose from his neck and save himself by jumping into the freezing water below.
10 Even so,[] these cautionary comments should not dislodge us from the main point.
11 Last December government troops stormed 20 prisons to dislodge prisoners from the dormitory wards.
12 She became champion in 1982 and no one has been able to dislodge her.
13 Once embedded in the skin, these savage spines are difficult to dislodge.
14 He may challenge the Prime Minister even if he decides he cannot dislodge her this time.
15 Her doubts about its truth do not, in equal measure, dislodge her belief.
16 Stick to big rocks that would be difficult to dislodge.
17 More than four dozen employees have been working in shifts round the clock since then, figuring out how to dislodge it.
18 Her husband was always with us but as a couple they were difficult to dislodge without rudeness.
19 The feeling that this discipline is somehow undignified is difficult to dislodge in some minds.
20 The snake began to choke as it tried to swallow his arm and simultaneously dislodge the obstruction from its windpipe.
21 He fights stubbornly, and has thus far resisted all our efforts to dislodge him.....
22 However, don't move the design around too enthusiastically in case you dislodge any unattached flowers completely.
23 The question came sneaking into her mind and, once there, it proved difficult to dislodge.
24 The position of the piece of gravel would have made it virtually impossible for the fish to dislodge it.
25 It was then time to call for the gunners and pilots to dislodge the defenders and exact vengeance for dead comrades.
26 Walk gingerly over the rocks and sand. Stick to big rocks that would be difficult to dislodge.
27 It stuck in my throat and I had to cough and cough to dislodge it.
28 Once an explanation has been accepted by the scientific community as a whole, it is very hard to dislodge it.
29 She looked sassy, she thought, as she swung her long jet hair, careful not to dislodge the jasmine.
30 Eventually divers provided first hand evidence that sea otters use rocks as hammers under water to dislodge the abalones.
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