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Frantically in a sentence

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Sentence count:120+5Posted:2017-02-15Updated:2017-02-15
Similar words: franticstaticallydrasticallyfanaticallypracticallypoliticallyerraticallypatheticallyMeaning: adv. in an uncontrolled manner. 
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91. Within seconds an aesthetic-looking gentleman was frantically beating off the attack as the great feet ripped down his waistcoat.
92. During take-off, one passenger began frantically ringing her call button.
93. All I could do was frantically reach for my safety whistle and blow like crazy to alert the raft crew.
94. Midvale veterans would recall frantically pumping out buildings frequently flooded in the low basin at the foot of Germantown.
95. Nearly falling off the roof in fright, Hilary grabbed frantically at the chimney stack to keep her balance.
96. Pencils in the press box flew frantically.
97. He ducked through the door and looked about frantically.
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98. Frantically Brown began searching for the trouble.
99. Forget frantically calculating the relative benefits of bananas, tomatoes, spinach, and kale. Just think in technicolor.
100. They're the ones in the back of the gymnasium, frantically writing to the last minute and choking under the pressure of an egg timer.
101. Michael works frantically with a shoe horn and a nail clipper from a hotel toiletry kit.
102. This can save you untold time frantically searching parking lots.
103. The males are frantically wooing the females as they return to this country to breed.
104. Frantically, phoned the hotel. The clerk was incredulous and a bit aloof.
105. More important, employers somewhat frantically organized company unions as a foil to independent unionism.
106. After all, a chili pepper at room temperature will still “burn” our tongue and cause us to sweat. We’ll crave ice-cold water and wave our hands frantically in front of our face.
107. When I noticed, I frantically started running around knocking the ants off(, when a young girl decided she wanted to throw a lacrosse ball at my face.
108. People are frantically looking for fun fixes, but that means they operate under the law of diminishing returns.
109. I ran into my office and frantically called my ophthalmologist.
110. People are frantically looking for fun fixes, but that's the law of diminishing returns.
111. Tu Wei - yueh was now wrestling frantically with two of the girls.
112. " What's going to become of us ? " cried Jui - chueh , stamping her foot frantically.
113. Perlmutter twisted arms and begged colleagues for an hour or two on short notice , calling frantically around the world at all times of the day.
114. Inside the shadowy house Abner and Abraham went frantically through their handbooks.
115. When Anakin confronts the three doomed battle droids in the airlock corridor, the one in the background them panics and frantically tries to activate the controls.
116. This 11)schizophrenic conversation was an acute departure from the daily dissection of celebrities and regular 12)quips about working girl hardships. I frantically posed a flurry of questions.
117. The two boys frantically grabbed rolling pin and the coal shovel and set upon their father.
118. Beijing is frantically searching for a magic formula, a meteorological deus ex machina, to clear its skies for the 2008 Olympics.
119. First-time parents, writes Mary Ruebush, an American immunologist and author of "Why Dirt is Good", frantically try to keep their babies away from dirt.
120. Aid workers seek frantically for chopper flights to get the wounded out.
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