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Extricate in a sentence

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Sentence count:37+4 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-02-10Updated:2017-02-10
Synonym: clearfreeliberatereleaserescueSimilar words: intricateextraterrestrialfabricateprevaricateelectricalprevaricationabdicatededicateMeaning: ['ekstrɪkeɪt]  v. release from entanglement of difficulty. 
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1. How was he going to extricate himself from this situation?
2. It took hours to extricate the car from the sand.
3. Firemen had to extricate the driver from the wreckage.
4. They managed to extricate the pilot from the tangled control panel.
5. I tried to extricate myself from the situation but it was impossible.
6. He had managed to extricate himself from most of his official duties.
7. She tugged on Hart's arm to extricate him from the circle of men with whom he'd been talking.
8. Mercifully some one arrived upon the scene to extricate him from the dilemma and assume the responsibility.
9. He endeavoured to extricate the car, digging with his hands in the blazing sunshine.
10. I helped Professor Cousins extricate himself from his chair.
11. William would be lucky to extricate himself before midnight.
12. They can also help a floundering organization extricate itself from the depths of a self-inflicted malaise.
13. Would they ever be able to extricate themselves from it without irreparable damage being done?
14. It is easiest to extricate rabbits from the nets if you kill them first.
15. It took firemen almost an hour to extricate the driver from the wrecked car.
16. It is not known when Napoleon managed to extricate himself from this chaos.
17. Be ever vigilant; close over your thoughts; extricate yourself from the mire of evil.
18. If you become aware, get oneself cannot extricate oneself, suggest you go appealing psychological doctor, let them take you to walk out of visional network world.
19. We should extricate ourselves from the predicament as soon as possible.
20. It represents a last ditch attempt by the country to extricate itself from its economic crisis.
21. He can speak eloquently of the need to reduce the size of government and extricate it from our private lives.
21. try its best to gather and make good sentences.
22. The state also is caught in the web and can not seem to extricate itself.
23. They fired away with wild abandon, but luckily with little accuracy, and he was able to extricate himself.
24. And it didn't help to have that idiot Kegan see what he bad done and try to extricate him.
25. A complicated story unfolds, with Mitchum desperately trying to extricate himself from the trap.
26. At the same time he arranged for Burgess to be sent home to extricate Maclean before the net closed.
27. In short, capitalist states were becoming thoroughly entangled in a set of conflicts from which they could not easily extricate themselves.
28. They must both have decided to come personally to extricate me from my predicament.
29. A client who uses aggressive tactics against you to get their way is a real liability, and you should extricate yourself from the situation as quickly as possible.
30. Consecutive days I have been in the bar, not drunk several times also cried several times, like a prisoner in jail bird, unable to extricate themselves.
More similar words: intricateextraterrestrialfabricateprevaricateelectricalprevaricationabdicatededicatedelicateindicatesyndicateimplicateeradicatepredicatededicatedvindicatereplicateadjudicatecomplicatedcommunicateintoxicateexcommunicatedomesticatedsophisticatedcommunicate withunsophisticatedextraextractextremeextremely
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