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Extinguished in a sentence

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Similar words: extinguishdistinguishedundistinguisheddistinguishlanguishinganguishlanguishlinguistMeaning: [ɪk'stɪŋgwɪʃ]  adj. of a conditioned response; caused to die out because of the absence or withdrawal of reinforcement. 
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1. Her life was finally extinguished by the onset of liver complaint.
2. Water extinguished the fire.
3. His discovery extinguished the achievements of his colleague.
4. She seems extinguished by her younger sister in computery.
5. All lights had been extinguished.
6. He has extinguished the debt.
7. She extinguished him with a single word.
8. The message extinguished her hopes of Richard's return.
9. All hope was almost extinguished.
10. News of the bombing extinguished all hope of peace.
11. The fire had been damped down but not extinguished.
12. His behaviour extinguished the last traces of affection she had for him.
13. Her hat was nearly extinguished by the feathers.
14. The news extinguished all hope of his return.
15. Firefighters extinguished two spot fires on adjacent homes.
16. As the lights were extinguished he could see the silhouettes of two figures inside the car.
17. The flames were now extinguished, windows had been opened in the top gallery and the smoke was beginning to dissipate.
18. The firemen quickly extinguished the blaze and the body of the baby girl was discovered in the bedroom.
19. The coals were extinguished in the earthen stove, and the darkness absolute.
20. After it was extinguished by ground staff, a furious row then ensued between the referee and our lads.
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21. If our species is extinguished, others will be wiser or luckier.
22. Through the total fading away and extinction of craving, decay and death, sorrow, lamentation, suffering, grief, and despair are extinguished.
23. Smoking is allowed only inside vehicles, and the smokes must be extinguished inside those vehicles.
24. Passengers should keep their seat belts fastened until the warning light is extinguished.
25. Both rapidly alienated many groups and the Liberal majority was extinguished by 1910 and Labour's by 1951.
26. Or, to put it in St John's language, the light of the world is extinguished by the uncomprehending darkness.
27. That threat-and the fear of a spiral of violence-also extinguished international support for a declaration on September 13.
28. It was he who recommended that the fire be extinguished by dropping sand mixed with boron and lead on to the reactor.
29. She would drift listlessly about the rooms, her dreams extinguished.
30. In section seven she invites the new moon to dance on her heart, so that they can be extinguished together.
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