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Collectively in a sentence

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Antonym: individuallySimilar words: collectivecollectivitycollectioneffectivelyrespectivelycollectcollectoractivelyMeaning: [kə'lektɪvlɪ]  adv. in conjunction with; combined. 
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1. The houses are owned collectively by the company.
2. All members of the cabinet are collectively responsible for decisions taken.
3. rain, snow and hail, collectively known as 'precipitation'
4. The Cabinet is collectively responsible for policy.
5. Rain, snow and hail are collectively known as precipitation.
6. They collectively abstained in the elections for local councilors.
7. They have no alternative but to resign collectively.
8. Oral contraceptives are collectively referred to in common parlance as 'the pill'.
9. Individually, students have little power, but collectively they can be more influential.
10. They collectively abstained ( from voting ) in the elections for local councilors.
11. Collectively,(sentence dictionary) smokers pay over £15 000 a day in tax.
12. She has a staff of four who collectively earn almost $200 000.
13. All members of the Cabinet are collectively responsible for decisions taken.
14. We have had a successful year, both collectively and individually.
15. In 1968 the states collectively spent $2 billion on it.
16. Collectively they squandered their pricing power in short order.
17. These substances are referred to collectively as ketone bodies.
18. Collectively politicians tend to be pretty awful.
19. These bodies are collectively called the Taurid complex.
20. They are known, collectively,[] as degenerative diseases.
21. The biblical passages are collectively known as the Lectionary.
22. They collectively dismissed the prospect as untenable.
23. The upshot: they collectively export more for less revenue.
24. Collectively these entities may well deserve public suspicion.
25. The second proposal is to allow people collectively to improve their lot.
26. The county's elder statesmen were collectively in good nick, both off the court and when hitting it on it.
27. Collectively they rode four winners, six seconds, and two thirds from a total of 34 rides.
28. Collectively, they were worth over £2.8 billion at their high point.
29. The law gives workers the right to organize and bargain collectively.
30. She sees racism as a form of false consciousness, where a society collectively believes untrue things about other races.
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