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Extinct in a sentence

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Synonym: deadgoneobsoletepastSimilar words: extinctiondistincttinctureinstinctdistinctivedistinctionnexttextMeaning: [ɪk'stɪŋkt]  adj. 1. no longer in existence; lost or especially having died out leaving no living representatives 2. (of e.g. volcanos) permanently inactive 3. being out or having grown cold. 
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1. Dinosaurs have been extinct for millions of years.
2. Many animals and birds are now extinct.
3. The species was presumed extinct.
4. It is 250 years since the wolf became extinct in Britain.
5. The mammoth is extinct.
6. Is there anything could rekindle his extinct passion?
7. Pandas could become extinct in the wild.
8. Its tallest volcano, long extinct, is Olympus Mons.
9. Nothing could rekindle her extinct passion.
10. Servants are now almost extinct in modern society.
11. Some of the species of birds are extinct.
12. Many plants become extinct before they have even been catalogued.
13. These birds are in danger of becoming extinct as their forest home disappears.
14. The red squirrel is in danger of becoming extinct in England.
15. The idea of cloning extinct life forms still belongs to science fiction.
16. Extinct volcanoes are those that have not erupted in historic times.
17. A lot of trades have become extinct because of the development of technology.
17. Wish you can benefit from and make progress everyday!
18. All hopes were extinct.
19. Herbalism had become an all but extinct skill in the Western world.
20. Many tribes became extinct when they came into contact with Western illnesses.
21. The extinct volcano's eruption would mean a cataclysm for the city.
22. Scientists are attempting to compare features of extinct animals with living analogues.
23. Some species of animals have become extinct because they could not adapt to a changing environment.
24. The red squirrel has become virtually extinct in most of the country.
25. These rocks contain the fossilised remains of extinct animals.
26. There is concern that the giant panda will soon become extinct.
27. If we continue to destroy the countryside many more animals will become extinct.
28. The numbers of these animals have been falling steadily and they are now almost extinct.
29. The discovery of the dinosaur skeleton has cast light on why they became extinct.
30. Scientists think it unlikely that any species will actually become extinct as a consequence of the oil spill.
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