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Descendant in a sentence

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Sentence count:78Posted:2017-01-25Updated:2017-01-25
Synonym: childoffspringAntonym: ancestorascendantforefatherSimilar words: descendcondescenddescentcondescensionattendantdefendantquiescentsenescentMeaning: [-dənt]  n. a person considered as descended from some ancestor or race. adj. going or coming down. 
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1. His design was a descendant of a 1956 device.
2. He was a direct descendant of Napoleon Bonaparte.
3. Diana is a direct descendant of Robert Peel.
4. She is a direct descendant of Queen Victoria.
5. Quechua is a descendant of the Inca language.
6. She claimed to be a direct descendant of Wordsworth.
7. He was an O'Conor and a direct descendant of the last High King of Ireland.
8. He was an O'Conor and a distant descendant of the last High King of Ireland.
9. Their Mr. A. Waugh is a lineal descendant of Gifford, by the way of mentality.
10. Their last known descendant, Nathaniel Salperton, was among those executed after the Monmouth rebellion in 1685.
11. Paul claims to be a descendant of King Charles I.
12. Therefore, a gene is by definition the descendant of a gene that was good at getting into future generations.
13. The Earl's descendant accepted the apologies of Hampden's heir.
14. I am the root and the descendant of David, the bright morning star.
15. In 1600 , Anne Marbury the descendant of Sir John Spencer moved to Massachusetts, America from Lincolnshire.
16. The Jeep Rescue is a descendant of the Wrangler with greatly added off road capabilities and passenger space.
17. Descendant classes can change the way specific interface method is implemented by overriding the implementing method.
18. Shubael, a descendant of Gershom son of Moses , was the officer in charge of the treasuries.
19. The Colonel was a descendant of President George Washington. He lived on a big farm near Harpers Ferry.
20. The guy claims to be a direct descendant of Mozart.
21. He is a descendant of Confucius.
22. Decadent, vulgar, pornography, depravity, estheticism, traditional descendant, these words usually are the labels of his works.
23. He was a descendant of Perez and chief of all the army officers for the first month.
24. Both marriages were childless; so that Elizabeth was the last direct descendant of William Shakespeare.
24. is a sentence dictionary, on which you can find nice sentences for a large number of words.
25. The professor said he has no idea if Ayi is a direct descendant of other Glidji monarchs.
26. I don't care for the practice of polling because of polling because it is direct descendant of that fraudulent invention sociology.
27. The owner of Ring's Super Burgers set out to create a direct descendant of a 1950s diner.
28. Fly-leaf of a 1599 Bible perhaps inscribed by her husband to Shakespeare's last direct descendant, his grand-daughter Elizabeth Bernard.
29. The bodies of successive generations transport them through time, so that a long-lost character may emerge in a distant descendant.
30. But nowadays, more Hu surnamed people throughout one's life, no matter rich or poor, experience until Hu surnamed descendant due pride to a great extent.
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