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Attendant in a sentence

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Synonym: accompanimentaccompanyingattendeeattenderattendingco-occurrenceconcomitantin attendanceincidentalincidental tomeetertenderSimilar words: attendanceattenddefendantattend toattenuateattentionpay attention tomundaneMeaning: [-dənt] n. 1. someone who waits on or tends to or attends to the needs of another 2. a person who is present and participates in a meeting 3. an event or situation that happens at the same time as or in connection with another. adj. 1. following as a consequence 2. being present (at meeting or event etc.). 
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1. Standards of hygiene have fallen with all the attendant risks of disease.
2. She was interrupted by the entrance of an attendant.
3. Tony Williams was working as a car-park attendant in Los Angeles.
4. The attendant should make the patient happy and hopeful.
5. Sarah took the glass proffered by the attendant.
6. The flight attendant welcomed us aboard.
7. Every thirty minutes or so the flight attendant would wheel the drinks trolley down the aisle.
8. Drugs are one of the issues attendant on running a school.
9. He arrived with an attendant nurse.
10. We met the officer attendant on the general.
11. The girl attendant has set about cleaning the room.
12. She was uninterrupted with the entrance of an attendant.
13. An attendant was sluicing out the changing rooms.
14. I asked the attendant to conduct him to the door / conduct him out.
15. Mr Branson's victory, and all the attendant publicity(, were well deserved.
16. The attendant showed us to our seats.
17. We had all the usual problems attendant upon starting a new business.
18. On the plane, the flight attendant brings you a towelette after your meal.
19. I left my coat with the cloakroom attendant.
20. The attendant clambered out from behind the counter,[] one of his colleagues taking his place.
21. He growled at the attendant, by now quite tipsy, and demanded another meal.
22. He is a flight attendant with Alitalia.
23. Londoner Richard Tompkins worked as a petrol pump attendant before starting the stamp company in 1956.
24. A flight attendant was thrown to the floor, breaking her ankle.
25. She wanted to avoid the awards ceremony and all its attendant publicity.
26. One other authority has a joint budget with the health authority, funding a crossroads care attendant scheme and health care assistants.
27. His responsibilities and favours escalated and he was soon her personal attendant and constant companion.
28. No other material illustrates more vividly the political consternation and diplomatic uncertainty attendant on the accession of a new king.
29. As we parked the car we saw some one being carried off the path into an ambulance - the attendant wasn't kidding.
30. He then gave them the choice of apologizing to the flight attendant or taking another flight.
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