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Appendage in a sentence

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Synonym: additionsupplementtailSimilar words: appendixappendicitisbandagehappenhappen tohappeninghappenstanceagendaMeaning: [-dɪdʒ]  n. 1. an external body part that projects from the body 2. a natural prolongation or projection from a part of an organism either animal or plant 3. a part that is joined to something larger. 
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1 The committee is a mere appendage of the council and has no power of its own.
2 He had a tattoo on every visible appendage.
3 The elephant's trunk is a unique form of appendage.
4 Seeds with 1 hairlike appendage at each end.
5 A jawlike appendage of an arthropod.
6 Seed funicle inflated at base, appendage stomach-shaped.
7 A natatorial appendage; natatorial birds.
8 The amendment is an appendage of that contract.
9 Sebaceous gland is an important appendage of skin.
10 A long, threadlike appendage,( especially a whiplike extension of certain cells or unicellular organisms that functions as an organ of locomotion.
11 An insect appendage consists typically of a limb base and a shaft.
12 He treats his wife as no more than a mere appendage.
13 A small lodge house that used to be some sort of appendage of Burnage Court is currently for sale through Hamptons.
14 The place where you were not yourself; but an appendage, a parasite on some one else.
15 I squeezed him, gave him a shake, admired his appendage politely.
16 A tidy tiger angry a tie bounder to tidy her tiny appendage.
17 Now we all know that the size of a man's appendage versus his outer extremities (hand, head, foot) has no proven correlation, and nor does the act of self-gratification stand to make one go blind.
18 And Ziqi You must, self - contained finishes atrial appendage.
19 She likes children, a nursery before work, after become an appendage.
20 Objective:To evaluate the safety and efficacy of percutaneous balloon mitral valvuloplasty(PBMV) in patients with rheumatic severe mitral stenosis and thrombus in the left atrial appendage.
21 A phosphate sink, and the inevitable takeover of blue-green algae, might be reversed by adding, say, a lightning - generating appendage to the glass globe.
22 This paper deals with modal analysis of the flexible appendage of a typical rigid flexible coupling system based on the method of continuum mechanics.
23 Histological findings of the skin include flat dermal-epidermal junction, thinned dermis with compactly arranged collagen fibers, and hypoplastic appendage structures.
24 Objective: To investigate effectiveness of using live three - dimensional transthoracic echocardiography to exam left atrial appendage.
25 Women have no social rights and status at all in this culture of asphyxiating atmosphere. Their only value lies in the appendage of men.
26 Score one for Team Living: Some viruses sneak DNA into a bacterium through its, um, sex appendage, a long tube known as a pilus.
27 After their work, the calculus was no longer an appendage and extension of Greek geometry.
28 We report a 65 - year - old patient presenting with left atrial appendage thrombus formation.
29 Macmillan must have loathed being judged as a mere appendage to domestic politics.
30 May not be said to be a product, because we are their parents appendage.
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