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Abundant in a sentence

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Sentence count:218+14 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-02-06Updated:2017-02-06
Antonym: shortSimilar words: abundanceredundanta bundle ofmundaneattendantdefendantdescendantround and roundMeaning: [-nt] adj. present in great quantity. 
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1. The river is abundant in fish.
2. Mosquitoes are extremely abundant in this dark wet place.
3. There is an abundant supply of cheap labour.
4. We have abundant proof of his guilt.
5. The lake is abundant in fish.
6. Fish are abundant about the reefs.
7. Rainfall is abundant in the region.
8. I hope that your harvest is abundant.
9. An abundant harvest is in prospect.
10. There is abundant evidence that cars have a harmful effect on the environment.
11. Birds are abundant in the tall vegetation.
12. Funds were not abundant and clever improvisation was necessary.
13. Fish are abundant in the lake.
14. Shandong province is famous for its abundant agricultural resources.
15. Tropical rainforests have the most varied and abundant assemblage of plants in the world.
16. China is abundant in agricultural produce.
17. Birds concentrate where food is abundant.
18. Abundant hair sprouted from his broad chest.
19. Our country is abundant in minerals.
20. We have abundant evidence to prove his guilt.
21. China is abundant with natural resources.
22. The abundant reef growth on Gotland was shown to be coeval with that in Estonia.
23. The first two are abundant in nature and are normally harmless.
24. To say marine life is abundant is to be guilty of a gross understatement.
25. Of these, the most abundant and the easiest to handle and store is water.
26. Nature gave these tiny creatures the ability to reproduce quickly when food is abundant.
26. try its best to collect and create good sentences.
27. But evidence that tattoos are growing more popular is abundant on beaches, in health clubs, and on the streets.
28. Within a week, one and a half million men, with abundant supplies, were in position for a massed attack.
29. Comets differ from asteroids in composition in that comets contain abundant water ice, and possibly other ices as well.
30. These cells infiltrate into the colonic mucosa and are abundant during the active phase of colitis.
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