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Defecate in a sentence

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Sentence count:39Posted:2017-02-26Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: defectdefeateddeferdefeatdefenddefensedefenderdeferenceMeaning: ['defɪkeɪt]  v. have a bowel movement. 
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1. Most of us defecate once a day and at a convenient time.
2. Why does it not defecate from the tree tops as monkeys and squirrels do?
3. Most individuals experience the urge to defecate on morning awakening and after meals, when colonic motility is known to peak.
4. Cats hate to defecate where they eat and some people place the litter tray too near the animal's food dish.
5. Animals defecate after every meal.
6. Bumpkin asks: " Be defecate or pee? "
7. How is defecate occult blood caused?
8. Be born without what heat pectic but bate defecate, have aperient effect jointly with prandial fiber.
9. Function: defecate sands , rust. copper, besmirch cutting off peculiar smell, high quality water zone.
10. At ordinary times our defecate, just eliminate the defecate inside rectum.
11. Is defecate drier is still carrying blood sometimes how to return a responsibility?
12. Morning hollow apples can not only help defecate expedite, also can have hairdressing effect.
13. Newborn puppies must be stimulated to defecate and urinate after each feeding.
14. Defecate color is light, the capacity is much, submit grease form or spumescent , chang Fu has effluvial taste more at surface.
15. New student besides suck the breast and besides defecate, be in all the day almost soporous in.
16. Big mouth drinks water, make defecate bate, if haemorrhage is much, went to a hospital looking.
17. Does darling defecate work a little a little while rare normal?
17. is a sentence dictionary, on which you can find good sentences for a large number of words.
18. They also gave fishermen containers in which to defecate and urinate.
19. Drink water more actually, stimulative defecate is the best method that discharge poison.
20. The discovery after defecate does not have paper, how to do?
21. Severe urgency was defined as an urgent need to defecate which has to be relieved in less than one minute to avoid incontinence.
22. Once the residue left after absorption of foodstuff reaches the last part of the gut, the desire to defecate results.
23. In adults , the decision whether or not to defecate is under voluntary control.
24. Peristalsis moves feces through the colon to the rectum, where they stimulate the urge to defecate.
25. Trigger tumors, but for many reasons, the most prominent clinical evidence of each defecate is longer.
26. The smallish birds have an unsavory habit: they dive-bomb intruders and defecate on them as a defense.
27. Be like in the journey successive a few days of defecate are dry and little when, but right amount take delay evacuant , be like bolus of Ma Renrun bowel.
28. The next day because eat boiled fish caused unsmooth defecate, it is because it too spicy's sake, it's probably best to drink more tea, if have turnip can eat some to ventilation.
29. Light, not when the shit out of natural flow when defecate, pollution underpants, patient great inconvenience.
30. Arrive gravid and terminal, increscent uterus and fetal show an oppressive rectum first, also can cause defecate difficulty.
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