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Truncate in a sentence

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Sentence count:34Posted:2016-12-20Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: cut shorttruncatedSimilar words: truncatedtrunkcrunchscrunchcrunchedencapsulateencapsulatedenunciateMeaning: [trʌŋ'keɪt]  v. 1. replace a corner by a plane 2. approximate by ignoring all terms beyond a chosen one 3. make shorter as if by cutting off. adj. terminating abruptly by having or as if having an end or point cut off. 
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1, Further discussion was truncated by the arrival of tea.
2, My article was published in truncated form.
3, The report is also available in a truncated version.
4, The review body has produced a truncated version of its annual report.
5, He truncated a news item to fit the available space.
6, Television coverage of the match was truncated by a technical fault.
7, Hence oral history interviews were typically truncated.
8, It was a truncated version, delivered with as near to perfunctory efficiency as courtesy would allow.
9, Harvard Securities recalled the duplicate pay cheque, as well as truncating the value of the next one.
10, It refers not to truncating the inquiry but to the timescale before appointing an inspector and publishing the report.
11, The remaining segments are internally moulded into a truncated cone.
12, They are white with a markedly truncated and enlarged anterior end due to the presence of the very large buccal capsule.
13, In contrast,( other truncated forms of RAP74 containing a shorter C-terminal region were all inactive.
14, The deformities include missing or truncated legs, misshapen legs, extra legs, and missing or malformed eyes.
15, Expressive notation is generally easier to truncate - by deleting final characters to create the notation for a more general subject.
16, Truncate insignificant trailing zero when using null scale.
17, Do you want to truncate the transaction log?
18, Basal leaf blade oblong or elliptic, truncate or cuneate at base.
19, Sorry, the text is too long to edit. Truncate it to 255 characters?
20, If the list is too long, it will be truncated by the computer.
21, The palazzo is built around a courtyard with a truncated tower at its base.
22, Lulled by a canned anthem, people rotate, debate, checkmate, gyrate and truncate.
23, We are emphatically not introducing an appeal system in order to truncate or bypass it.
24, He must have read her note to me the other day, because this is just a truncated version of it.
25, Broken columns, rising over the graves of those who had died prematurely, denoted truncated lives.
26, Erosion or accretion of sand by wind action is evident throughout and soil genesis is truncated by erosion or fossilised by deposition.
27, If a NOT LOGGED table encounters an execution error during a data changing statement there is only one choice for DB2: to truncate the table.
28, Leaves wide. Inflorescences densely villous. Corolla ca. 2 cm; galea narrower, truncate at apex.
29, The split field perfectly matched layer technique is introduced to truncate computational domain, and the equations in PML medium are also differenced semi implicitly to keep unconditional stability.
30, TRUNCATED - When the column value exceeds the column width, truncate the exceeding characters.
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