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Dross in a sentence

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Synonym: impurityscoriaslagSimilar words: grosscrossacrosscross outengrossget acrosscut acrossengrossedMeaning: [drɒs]  n. 1. worthless or dangerous material that should be removed 2. the scum formed by oxidation at the surface of molten metals. 
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1. So much of what's on TV is pure dross.
2. We read all the manuscripts but 95% are dross.
3. The fire burns away the dross leaving the pure metal.
4. He considered the working class to be the dross of society.
5. Most of the poems were pretentious dross.
6. The dross churned out by some record companies isn't worth listening to.
7. In places the dross almost brushed the roof.
8. Each contestant took a fixed number of dross leads from a box.
9. For foreign cultures, we should discard their dross and select their essence.
10. Historical dross or the nation's heritage?
11. Your silver has become dross, your choice wine is diluted with water.
12. What's gold and silver ? Mere dross.
13. Preliminary exploration of different ratios of wine dross and cottonseed hulls is made.
14. From moment to moment, a wise man removes his own impurities, as a smith removes the dross of silver.
15. The best players go off to the big clubs, leaving us the dross.
16. I go through phases where everything I write is just dross.
17. In other words, our enriched material is more than half dross.
18. Masterpieces of compression, they resonate with the concentrated power that can create diamonds from dross.
19. Till Moira came along, it was shaping up to be classic dross.
20. Pupils here in the fifth year are generally thought to be dross.
21. Caroline felt the value of the true ore,[sentence dictionary] and knew the deception of the flashy dross.
22. Thou puttest away all the wicked of the earth like dross: therefore I love thy testimonies.
23. The laborer, looking into it at evening, purifies his thoughts of the dross and earthiness which they have accumulated during the day.
24. An impressed area on the bottom (tin) surface of float glass due to contact with dross on the lift out rolls.
25. He was wide-awake and his mind worked clearly, purged of all dross.
26. A novel technology of soda-lead concentrates reverberatory furnace smelting is put forward according to the characteristics of copper dross with low sulfur and high copper content.
27. Confucian kindheartedness is soul of Confucian ethic thought. We must affirm and develop the essence after discarding the Feudalism dross.
28. Burning lips and a wicked heart are like a potsherd covered with silver dross.
29. Cinder scraping manipulator which is the dedicated device used for removing the dross on the surface of the melting metal liquid.
30. They will suck your energy from you the energy you call money and will put it to evil ends and give you worthless dross in return.
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