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Coerce in a sentence

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Sentence count:28Posted:2016-11-11Updated:2016-12-13
Synonym: compelforceSimilar words: coercionfierceper centperceivecommerceperceivedpercentageintercedeMeaning: [kəʊ'ɜːs]  v. to cause to do through pressure or necessity, by physical, moral or intellectual means :"She forced him to take a job in the city". 
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1. They were coerced into signing the contract.
2. I was coerced into joining the gang.
3. The rebels coerced the villagers into hiding them from the army.
4. Potter had argued that the government coerced him into pleading guilty.
5. No central planner need call[Sentencedict], no taskmaster need coerce.
6. You tried to coerce her into marrying Liu Shengli in violation of the Marriage Law.
7. Churchill then wanted to coerce the owners into a national agreement and statutory arbitration.
8. Attempts to coerce people into retiring must be resisted; rights to retraining must also be secured.
9. Tyranny, terror, and mob violence were used to coerce antislavery activists.
10. I will never coerce you.
11. You can't coerce her into obedience.
12. To coerce or inhibit by or as if by threats.
13. International law possesses the attributes of norm and coerce, which are the common natures of law.
14. And if the attacker should coerce the program into executing another file, all capabilities will be dropped and the file will be executed as an unprivileged user.
15. Clark had somehow been able to coerce Jenny into doing whatever he told her to do.
16. The court heard that the six defendants had been coerced into making a confession.
17. This gives the workforce both a much greater capacity to coerce management and a consciousness of its collective power, claims Mallet.
18. Yet it must be by sane means that he trick and coerce the crew into following him.
19. Smart governments know that by allowing trade, nations gently coerce their citizens to shift precious resources from low-productivity to high-productivity industries.
20. The way in which the man of genius rules is by persuading an efficient minority to coerce an indifferent and self-indulgent majority(James Fitzjames Stephen.
21. Obama would deploy soft power the power attract rather than coerce.
22. The Taliban cannot be sufficiently weakened in Pashtun Afghanistan to coerce it to the negotiating table.
23. Its patient much companion has epigastrium to bilge full, pectoral coerce suffering is full, umbilical ministry moves palpitate hyperfunction, the disease such as constipation.
24. Because it is a serious offense in Nigeria to enter without a valid visa, the victim's illegal entry may be used by the scam artists as leverage to coerce the victims into releasing funds.
25. Ganesh says misprostol could be used by families to coerce women into selectively aborting female fetuses.
26. Taka Ken and darcy, grew up in abducting darcy sister coerce property fails, made a officer.
27. Do you think there is any way that we can coerce them otherwise?
28. But the most crucial is that government alone has the power to coerce.
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