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Demonology in a sentence

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Sentence count:22Posted:2017-02-27Updated:2020-07-24
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1. The demonology that clinches the sale is deeply depressing.
2. Demonology could then be the best at that.
3. Master Demonologist (Demonology) - Most effects have been altered.
4. Warlock: Affliction, Demonology, Destruction.
5. New Talent ( Demonology): Master Demonologist - Grants both the Warlock and the summoned demon an effect as long as that demon is active.
6. Improved Enslave Demon ( Demonology ) is now a Tier 5 talent up Tier 4.
7. New Talent: Demonic Empowerment (Demonology) - Grants your Summoned Demon power for a short time.
8. This gives Warlocks that aren't talented in mid Demonology (17 points) a 5 second cast time on pets when they throw down a Demonic Circle and stand in it.
9. Molten Core: This talent has been moved to Demonology (Tier 8).
10. Method:219 cases were analyzed with demonology, classification, reasons for application, mental checkup situation,[sentencedict .com] et al.
11. Demonology: Fel Domination, Felguard, and all of the survivability talents.
12. Improved Enslave Demon ( Demonology ) is now a Tier 5 talent, up from Tier 4.
13. Fel Stamina ( Demonology ) has been merged with Fel Intellect into Fel Vitality.
14. Sir Walter Scott, in his Letters on Demonology and Witchcraft, quotes the following story from an old work, entitled Sadducismus Triumphatus, by Joseph Glanville, printed at Edinburgh in 1700.
15. In particular, he denounced the accusations of child-murder and ritual abuse which became standard elements in Viennese demonology in that decade.
16. Major monasteries supported four colleges: philosophy, doctrine, and protocol; medicine; mathematics, astrology, and divination; and demonology and demon suppression.
17. Known for locating rare books for wealthy collectors, Corso is hired by eminent book-lover and scholar of demonology , Boris Balkan.
18. As far as crit scaling goes, I'm not sure how I like that being a deep Demonology only approach.
19. I think the only time I'm really worried about my pet critting much is when I'm deep Demonology anyway since I'm using a Felguard.
20. Affliction will still do horrific DPS come wrath, Destro will make us a crappy fire mage, and Demonology will probably still fail.
21. In the second part, the author discusses the formation of Demonology and its contents.
22. We only lost 3 games to 2193 due to my lock trying out demonology and having his pet bug out in the Nagrand Arena (YAY FOR PETS MAKING LOVE TO POLES).
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