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Subtlety in a sentence

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Synonym: nicenessnicetynuancerefinementshadeSimilar words: subtlesubtitlesdoubtlittle by littlesubtractno doubtdoubtfulsubterfugeMeaning: ['sʌbtltɪ]  n. 1. a subtle difference in meaning or opinion or attitude 2. the quality of being difficult to detect or analyze. 
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1. He argued his case with considerable subtlety.
2. Her dancing has great subtlety.
3. In time you'll appreciate the beauty and subtlety of this language.
4. The play lacks subtlety.
5. He uses language with great subtlety.
6. She argued her case with considerable subtlety.
7. She analyses herself with great subtlety.
8. It's a thrilling movie even though it lacks subtlety.
9. African dance is vigorous, but full of subtlety.
10. Many of the resulting wines lack the subtlety of the original model.
11. He always goes for subtlety and understatement in his movies.
12. His understanding of light brings great subtlety to his painting.
13. He employed it with the subtlety of a knuckle-duster.
14. Television has no time for nuance or subtlety.
15. Marketing social work's image requires tact and subtlety.
16. Subtlety and suppleness, on top of strength and speed.
17. His solo was a marvel of sound, subtlety, and musicality.
18. The film may lack subtlety and political correctness, but it can be thrilling if you let it.
19. Those who seek to lead must act with subtlety and caution or they will meet with strong negative reactions.
20. Mary Wesley writes about love with the subtlety of a writer whose vision of life has slowly matured to a ripe glow.
21. The subtlety of the wrap-around influence of alien presuppositions is that they do their work before they are noticed.
22. Subtlety of shade is another key to the use of more vivid colours.
23. Such subtlety would be true to form for a scorpion, after all.
24. They had obviously been hoping to approach the topic with more subtlety.
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25. Listening to the interview, I was impressed by the subtlety of the questions.
26. But it turns out that what is needed is a greater subtlety in thinking about what a reason is.
27. Mr Chen's approach is to finesse the problem of reunification through a mixture of goodwill and verbal subtlety.
28. But the crude over-emphases jostle with touches of true subtlety.
29. I found the Sanctus, though essentially vigorous, perfunctory in its lack of subtlety in emphasis and articulation.
30. Believe it or not, making great bread takes a lot of thought and subtlety.
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