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Perceptible in a sentence

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Antonym: imperceptibleSimilar words: susceptibleperceptionapperceptioninceptiondeceptivedeceptionreceptionexceptionMeaning: [pər'septəbl /pə'-]  adj. 1. capable of being perceived by the mind or senses 2. easily perceived by the senses or grasped by the mind 3. easily seen or detected. 
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1) His lips curved in a barely perceptible smile.
2) Her foreign accent was barely perceptible.
3) Pasternak gave him a barely perceptible smile.
4) The price increase has had no perceptible effect on sales.
5) There was a barely perceptible movement in his right arm.
6) The difference is scarcely perceptible to the average reader.
7) The sound was barely perceptible .
8) The past year has seen a perceptible improvement in working standards.
9) Here, there was a perceptible change.
10) So no ether drag effects are perceptible to us.
11) His voice carried a barely perceptible quaver.
12) The influence of Sartre is perceptible in Hogan's novel.
13) A barely perceptible delay as you gaze through it.
14) These immortal ideas,[] things barely perceptible are the most precious things of life.
15) Right across the social scale, religion made little perceptible difference to the outward shape of life.
16) Here there are established relationships, sizes and perceptible properties which might be talked about, without offending any child.
17) He gave a barely perceptible nod as if he had read her mind and applauded her attitude.
18) And owners note a perceptible increase in door-hangers, fliers and other pleas from agents to put their homes up for sale.
19) Among Bush's advisers there is a perceptible difference between the more conciliatory state department and the hardline military.
20) This was followed by the barely perceptible rustle of snow crystals hitting the newly exposed portion of the roof.
21) They are highly perceptible to ratepayers and they promote accountability.
22) Bombay Coarse and raw on the nose with sweet rubbery notes but little perceptible juniper.
23) When he asked if she wanted something to eat(, she gave a barely perceptible nod.
24) The false flavours of dye and chemical smoke are all too perceptible in the finished product.
25) The roses in the garden of the aunts were covered by a thin, barely perceptible layer of dust.
26) And slowly, slowly, so gradually that it was barely perceptible, the watchers became aware of a change.
27) There are plenty of things which exist and are indisputably real, despite not being perceptible to your unaided senses.
28) From the 14C to the nearly modern, there is a perceptible drop in the floor level.
29) According to Reynolds, there has been a slight but perceptible change in public attitude lately.
30) These compulsions are usually obvious to observers, but seldom perceptible to the people caught in their grip.
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