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Constitutionalism in a sentence

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Sentence count:41Posted:2017-02-27Updated:2017-02-27
Similar words: constitutionalunconstitutionalconstitutional conventioninstitutionalconstitutionunited states constitutioninstitutionconstituteMeaning: [‚kɑnstɪ'tuːʃnəlɪzm /'kɒn-]  n. 1. a constitutional system of government (usually with a written constitution) 2. advocacy of a system of government according to constitutional principles. 
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1. His decision was clothed in the rhetoric of constitutionalism.
2. The principle of constitutionalism rests on this idea of restraining the government in its exercise of power.
3. Thus, the relationship between constitutionalism and liberalism ... is by no means a simple or straight forward one.
4. Constitutionalism, therefore, is to be set in contradistinction to arbitrary power.
5. For, in the spirit of constitutionalism, parliament is both accountable and the supreme law-making authority.
6. The growth of constitutionalism raised the problem of how the limitations imposed on the state were to be enforced.
7. Modern constitutionalism then has always been linked with the problem of power, in theory as well as in practice.
8. Constitutionalism quality was added in republicanism idea.
9. Defendant; the Compulsory Process; Constitutionalism; Basic procedure right; Improve.
10. However, the constitutionalism must service democracy, and be in harmony with it by their development.
11. The aim of constitutionalism is not merely to hold the power of the government in check.
12. Constitutionalism is the modern political civilization is an important content and basic symbol.
13. Constitutionalism recognizes that democratic and accountable government must be coupled with constitutional limits on the power of government.
14. The philosophical foundation of constitution and constitutionalism is based on the natural law.
15. The foundation of western constitutionalism originates upon the classical liberalism.
16. The process of Chinese constitutionalism in globalization is not the simple reproduction or naturalization of the system of the constitutionalism in west countries.
17. A responsible government is related to republicanism, democracy, constitutionalism[], and ruling of rule in value.
18. The impetus for constitutionalism is mainly exogenousand the international circumstances are more influential.
19. Constitutionalism is the ultimate realization of the constitutional rely on the three steps to reach the incongruent .
20. Democratic constitutionalism is the essential content in building political civilization.
21. In general, they saw in constitutionalism a real transformation of the Chinese polity: a rationalization of rulership , a new disciplinary order, and a source of national unity and strength.
22. Above this , to achieve the constitutionalism is the sticking point.
23. Part four: Build the socialist constitutionalism with Chinese characteristics; advance the development of socialist political civilization.
23. try its best to collect and make good sentences.
24. For the all reasons, China must amend or give up the argument of that "constitutionalism is democratic politics" if she wants to build china into a constitutional state in the proper sense.
25. Bismarck successfully called the liberals' bluff by taking advantage of Prussia's undeveloped constitutionalism.
26. Is it not sufficient to entrust Parliament with the task of ensuring that constitutionalism is respected in the United Kingdom?
27. Recently, he has been working on a book on British Constitutionalism in the 15 th century.
28. As a result, according to the theories of Marx, Emile Durkheim and Max Weber, under a value outlook, this paper analyzes and answers what constitutionalism is.
29. The People's Congress system is the system of democracy and constitutionalism.
30. Hariss concerned Exchequer in the statement of the relation of king parliament and public finance, his discourse was effected by the Constitutionalism ineluctably.
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