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Stroke in a sentence

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Synonym: actattackattemptcaressconvulsiondeedeffortfeatmassagepetrubseizurespasmundertakingSimilar words: brokerstrongastronomerjokepokeinvokeprovokebespokeMeaning: [strəʊk]  n. 1. (sports) the act of swinging or striking at a ball with a club or racket or bat or cue or hand 2. the maximum movement available to a pivoted or reciprocating piece by a cam 3. a sudden loss of consciousness resulting when the rupture or occlusion of a blood vessel leads to oxygen lack in the brain 4. a light touch 5. a light touch with the hands 6. the oarsman nearest the stern of the shell who sets the pace for the rest of the crew 7. a punctuation mark (/) used to separate related items of information 8. a mark made by a writing implement (as in cursive writing) 9. any one of the repeated movements of the limbs and body used for locomotion in swimming or rowing 10. a single complete movement. v. 1. touch lightly and with affection, with brushing motions 2. strike a ball with a smooth blow 3. row at a particular rate 4. treat gingerly or carefully. 
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1. An oak is not felled at one stroke
2. A stroke paralysed half his face.
3. A stroke paralyzed half his face.
4. Her idea was a stroke of genius.
5. By a stroke of fortune, he won the competition.
6. Church bells pealed at the stroke of midnight.
7. She died following a massive stroke.
8. His health and vigour were unimpaired by a stroke.
9. Obesity correlates with increased risk for hypertension and stroke.
10. He drove in a nail with one stroke of the hammer.
11. By a stroke of good fortune, Steven was still in his office.
12. Warrior stroke Jingtao hack flow without sinking, coward in be in smooth water will drown.
13. He broke the lock with one stroke of the hammer.
14. It was a stroke of luck that we found you.
15. By a stroke of fortune he found work almost immediately.
16. With one stroke of his ax , he had cut the tree down.
17. When her husband had a stroke, she was given virtual control of the business.
18. She had a massive stroke and lost her speech.
19. The forehand stroke should be fluid and well balanced.
20. The stroke left him a helpless wreck.
21. Fireworks started at the stroke of ten.
22. Stroke the dog if you like, it won't bite.
23. Simpkins suffered a massive stroke.Sentence dictionary
24. The stroke rendered her incapable of speech.
25. She swam with a graceless stroke.
26. They lost half their fortune at a stroke.
27. She gave the cat a stroke.
28. What's your best stroke when you're swimming?
29. In stories the doomed hero is usually saved at the last minute by some stroke of fortune, but almost always his sense of values is changed. he becomes more appreciative of the meaning of life and its permanent spiritual values. It hasoften been noted that those who live, or have lived, in the shadow of death bring a mellow sweetness to everything they do.
30. Love a way out Do not make the cocoon since the stroke.
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