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Axiomatic in a sentence

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Sentence count:55Posted:2017-03-10Updated:2017-03-10
Synonym: aphoristicaxiomaticalpostulationalself-evidenttaken for grantedSimilar words: axiomaromaticchromaticautomaticdiplomaticachromaticautomaticallymonochromaticMeaning: [‚æksɪəʊ'mætɪk]  adj. 1. evident without proof or argument 2. containing aphorisms or maxims 3. of or relating to or derived from axioms. 
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1 It is axiomatic that life is not always easy.
2 It is axiomatic that a whole is greater than any of its parts.
3 It seems axiomatic that everyone would benefit from a better scientific education.
4 It is an axiomatic fact that governments rise and fall on the state of the economy.
5 It is axiomatic that traditional agricultural management of the uplands has maintained and conserved these landscapes and their wildlife.
6 While it was not axiomatic that the professional institutions were politically conservative,[] they were almost always culturally so.
7 This law has been axiomatic in the evolution of the sciences.
8 Uncaused motion was nonsense for Aristotle and axiomatic for Newton.
9 This is axiomatic, for how else is balance maintained over the millennia?
10 It is axiomatic that all the sites that are infected should be treated if there is to be any hope of cure.
11 Social scientists take it as axiomatic that our dally lives are not entirely fortuitous.
12 To them, it was axiomatic that prices and interest rates should be kept down to further their objective of cheap electricity.
13 Equilibrium is the product of an axiomatic system.
14 The paper presents a model of the axiomatic system the particle geometry in the ordinary space.
15 What specifies, I repeat, the axiomatic statement that the signifier cannot signify itself, will have the consequence of specifying something which, as such, would not be in the Universe of discourse.
16 Axiomatic thought dominates the area of modern mathematics and pure mathematics.
17 The Elements is the prime example of an axiomatic system from the ancient world.
18 And I prove the formal axiomatic system of prepositional logic that is made up of Axiomatic Mode and the Rule of Detachment does not possess syntactic perfectibility.
19 The systematic, formal, axiomatic development of the logic of all forms and models of being.
20 It'seems axiomatic that you have to make a friend before you caneffecitively a proposition.
21 In this paper, axiomatic method, which is used in structuring subject knowledge, is introduced into the area of evaluation for the construction of foundational theory of evaluation.
22 That protest is of the essence of true democratic activity is axiomatic.
23 Ordinary politics adds to these familiar ideals a further one that has no distinct place in utopian axiomatic theory.
24 At the present time, with the considerable experience gained and with additional personnel available, this initial effort should be axiomatic.
25 For these and other reasons, it can not be taken as axiomatic that the most extreme threats are the most effective.
26 So, in every statement, the condition or conclusion of the axiomatic semantics of expression has the "REASON" .
27 Defines the concept of well sets in MS ( axiomatic medium set theory ) and discusses its characters.
28 It evaluates the advantages and disadvantages of three approaches:the axiomatic approach, the welfare approach and the multi-dimensional approach.
29 Euclidean geometry is not only the leader of the civilization of ancient Greek but also the brilliant achievements of axiomatic approach in mathematics.
30 The paper reviews the origin and state-of-the-art developments in the quality function deployment (QFD) and suggests solving the existing problems in QFD through axiomatic method.
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