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Aberrant in a sentence

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Sentence count:48Posted:2016-11-26Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: deviantdeviateSimilar words: aberrationwarrantwarrantyexuberantblackcurrantterrainterra firmablueberryMeaning: [æbərənt]  n. one whose behavior departs substantially from the norm of a group. adj. markedly different from an accepted norm. 
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1. Ian's rages and aberrant behavior worsened.
2. It reflects the aberrant personality of some American politicians hostile to China's development and becoming powerful.
3. But they're aberrant, an exception to the rule.
4. We therefore became aberrant policemen simply because what we were now living was not programmed by previous organizational knowledge and habit.
5. Discussion Coeliac disease probably represents an aberrant immune response by antigen specific T cells of the small intestine to certain cereal peptides.
6. These adjacent police forces were physically aberrant in nuance of bodily style and were therefore deemed to be socially incorrect.
7. So-called aberrant behavior, in particular lesbian and homosexual behavior, was shown to have a natural precedent and a genetic basis.
8. Now, this tree is aberrant in that it has two trunks.
9. His aberrant behavior at the party shocked everyone.
10. You Are Also Not Having an Aberrant personality.
10. try its best to gather and create good sentences.
11. Rhetoric is abyssal and aberrant.
12. Willing companions of killers ; aberrant personality - probably impulse - ridden with antisocial traits.
13. The markets'extraordinarily low expected inflation in January was aberrant and worrisome - not today's.
14. The white peafowl is the albino aberrant form of the blue peafowl.
15. Background The aberrant pattern of interhemispheric cooperation among patients with schizophrenia has been reported in several studies.
16. Mutations of human mitochondrial DNA may lead to aberrant oxidative phosphorylation and energy supplement in cells, indicating a possible relationship with bipolar disorder.
17. This paper studied the aberrant effects of liquid soap on the root tip cells of Vicia faba.
18. Previously aberrant and very few, now at every turn thousands of mixed aberrant.
19. "Especially look for aberrant tracks and follow them, but always stay within shouting distance of this spot, and do not separate, " he said.
20. The younger the age-group among the children found attractive, the more aberrant the impulse must be regarded.
21. But it also fulfils a wider social purpose in setting standards for the markets and in discouraging aberrant behaviour.
22. Other reactive trace gases such as nitrous oxide and methyl iodide also remain at elevated and aberrant levels.
23. It is not yet clear though whether this marks the beginning of a sustained upturn or an aberrant blip on the graph.
24. You figure you've got a handle on all but the most aberrant human behaviour.
25. To point out that his statistical contribution in Seattle was negatively aberrant is to state the obvious.
26. "The cetaceans are on the whole the most peculiar and aberrant of mammals, " he remarked peevishly.
27. Because one patient only suffers from iris coloboma instead of aniridia , we would like to propose that the primary embryological defect is due to aberrant development of mesoderm.
28. Objective To investigate the clinical effect of tarsocheiloplasty and dermatoplasty on recurrent aberrant lashes of palpebra superior.
29. Biology Tending to deviate, as from a normal or recognized type; aberrant.
30. Cancer is perceived as a heterogeneous group of diseases that is characterized by aberrant patterns of gene expression.
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