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Particle in a sentence

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Synonym: atomcorpusclemoleculemotespecksubatomic particleSimilar words: articleparticularparticipateparticipantin particularparticularlyparticipationpartialMeaning: ['pɑrtɪkl /'pɑːt-]  n. 1. (nontechnical usage) a tiny piece of anything 2. a body having finite mass and internal structure but negligible dimensions 3. a function word that can be used in English to form phrasal verbs. 
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1 He choked on a particle of food.
2 He has not a particle of malice in him.
3 A proton is an elementary particle of matter.
4 There is a particle of truth in his statement.
5 There's not a particle of truth in her story.
6 This particle has very small mass.
7 There was not a particle of evidence to support the case.
8 There's not a particle of truth in what he says.
9 She wouldn't give me even the slightest particle of information about what she'd been doing.
10 But the model isn't from magic but particle physics.
11 Remember that we are considering a charged particle.
12 It is this state that fascinates particle physicists.
13 Such calculations also provide an insight into particle physics.
14 Ten complex numbers specify the state of the particle.
15 Virion: synonym for virus particle.
16 The particle was placed on a polymer-coated slide.
17 The question of particle numbers is not directly addressed.
18 The particle physics is cutting-edge.
19 A particle accelerator can cost up to f500,000.
20 New textbooks on nuclear and particle physics are thin on the ground.
21 A fluid particle with positive v is being carried by the turbulence in the positive y-direction.
22 From the particle point of view the result is less obvious.
23 Consider a fluid particle that is displaced upwards, say, from its equilibrium position.
24 Total calibration against the full range of particle size combinations and particle shapes is impracticable.
25 In 'She tore up the letter', the word 'up' is a particle.
26 In the sentence 'I tidied up the room', the adverb 'up' is a particle.
27 If basic math stumps you, there might not be a future for you as a particle physicist.
28 He sees the new blood scheme as one way to redress the balance against over-represented subjects like particle physics.
29 Live food is the best diet for them although fresh or frozen meaty foods of small particle size can be substituted.
30 Let us try to think of a single quantum particle.
More similar words: articleparticularparticipateparticipantin particularparticularlyparticipationpartialpartiallyartistictake part inarticulatevehiclepartpartyartifactverticalpartlyin partdepartartificialpartnerset apartreparteetake apartdepartureapart fromapartmentdepart frompartnership
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