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Utterance in a sentence

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Sentence count:102Posted:2016-09-12Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: vocalizationSimilar words: toleranceexuberancemutterbutterflyattendanceveteranentranceinsuranceMeaning: ['ʌtərəns]  n. the use of uttered sounds for auditory communication. 
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31. I found one other instructive quote from the right hon. Gentleman - a delphic utterance worthy of William Wordsworth at his best.
32. The singer is capable of delicacy, as well; the occasional pianissimo utterance takes you aback.
33. These edges can be considered mutually exclusive interpretations of some stretch of the utterance defined by the z and x axis.
34. Dozens of reporters are always nearby to record his every step and utterance.
35. In a one-syllable utterance, the single syllable must have one of the five tones described in the last chapter.
36. In this way, the repetition may achieve extra contextual effects by modifying the propositional form of the utterance.
37. The analysis for Developmental Sentence Types involves classifying each utterance in respect of number of words and grammatical category.
38. He gave the impression of weighing every thought and utterance with great care.
39. It is mature and spontaneous utterance falling like ripe leaves on a still day in the fall of the year.
40. Lexical access in turn produces a list of word matches over some portion of the utterance which are ordered by score.
41. Equally, emotional attitudes may figure as standard causes of certain sorts of utterance.
42. He uses the indeterminacy of language to convey, through a single utterance, two very different propositions to the audience.
43. The addressor is the speaker or writer who produces the utterance.
44. to give utterance to your thoughts.
45. An utterance of grief a lamentation.
46. The ladies smiled approvingly,( for his lightest utterance was regarded as incontrovertible truth.
47. The value of context lies in conversations, and an utterance can imply the speaker's subaudition .
48. Miss Brooke knows that they are apt to become feeble in his. utterance.
49. It is frequently accompanied in the United States by the utterance of Bronx cheer.
50. But it is an infelicity we can work around in processing the utterance, and no further repair is required.
51. "pay attention to my lips! " the cherry-red lipstick is calling eagerly. But the utterance emitted from the contour-clear lips is so shallow and pale.
52. My voice cleaves to my throat, and sob chokes my utterance.
53. There was no cessation, but the regular moment's pause, in the utterance of these sounds.
54. The interpretive functions of schemata in understanding utterance include three aspects: prediction, enrichment and bridging.
55. An air of unstudied spontaneous utterance is apt to be painstakingly achieved.
56. Do not have inurbane conversation with the person that challenges you to work, no matter the other side has how cloddish, how is utterance had provoke a gender.
57. Every solemn, " official " utterance can be paired with another that is sharply irreverent.
58. These are by no means identical utterance; but there is a marked resemblance.
59. She just lied in her throat and we all realized toe grossness of her false utterance.
60. The meaning of a sentence is abstract, and de - contextualized , while utterance meaning is concrete, and context-dependent.
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