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Untenable in a sentence

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Sentence count:60Posted:2017-02-13Updated:2017-02-13
Similar words: enableamenablecountenanceinterminableunablepersonabledefinableinterminablyMeaning: adj. (of theories etc) incapable of being defended or justified. 
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31. By 1884 it was announced that Murchison's interpretation of a simple succession of strata was untenable.
32. It has been suggested that seasonal migrations could explain their presence, but this hypothesis is untenable.
33. This idea had proved untenable.
34. He claimed the charges against him were untenable.
35. The status quo is seen as untenable.
36. It's economically untenable for our future.
37. On the other hand, the status quo is untenable.
38. Without sufficient evidence to support, your claim is untenable.
39. In aggregate this situation is untenable.
40. The authors think that it is untenable for restraining the application of slotted-pipe piezometer by dam height and delay reaction ruled in the technical specification for fill-dam monitoring.
41. Previous explanations of the rising divorce rate in Chellona are simply untenable.
42. The author thought that the joint negligence principal offender theory can be established, and the negligence abettor or the negligence assist offender is untenable.
43. The essay first proves the result is untenable if the conception of Joint entropy is applied to such random vectors.
44. Superstitions are often thought of as naive, popular beliefs that are logically or scientifically untenable.
45. Theorem 2 extends the application of Theorem 10.17 applied in Mathematics Analysis which is adopted as the textbook by East China Normal University and proves its converse proposition untenable.
46. If the Pru loses the vote, the management's position would be untenable.
47. The Bank of Antigua requested the intervention because of what it called an untenable situation.
48. That argument is untenable.
49. We must avoid frittering away our resources on untenable positions.
50. This inefficient method may have worked passably well for the first 25 years of the digital age,( but it's becoming untenable as the pile of data mounts.
51. Wild Ginger grows up to become a model Maoist, but her love for a man soon places her in an untenable position — and ultimately in mortal danger.
52. He was forced to climb down from his untenable position.
53. His theory is consistent and Quine's criticism of modal logic is untenable.
54. However, just to cancel a long association price is untenable.
55. For the above reasons, to pin the attacks on Islam is untenable.
56. Dreamt that I was enclasp the girder untenable at the top of the bridge, yet someone want to pull me down.
57. The concept of the subject being mainly concerned with attaining such a knowledge is totally untenable.
58. But for business-critical functions, abrupt abandonment for non-performance is untenable.
59. However , some comrades argue that this view of ours is untenable.
60. And yet the Century Dictionary directly counters this claim saying "the ordinary derivation from Old Bulgarian slovo, a word, or slava, glory, fame, is untenable."
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