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Cheerful in a sentence

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Sentence count:161+21 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-08-30Updated:2016-12-13
Antonym: cheerlessdismalgloomymelancholySimilar words: cheercheer upcolorfulsheercheekcheeseperformperformerMeaning: ['tʃɪəfʊl] adj. 1. being full of or promoting cheer; having or showing good spirits 2. pleasantly (even unrealistically) optimistic. 
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1. A cheerful wife is the joy of life. 
2. A merry heart makes a cheerful countenance. 
3. Cheerful company shortens the miles.
4. His cheerful manner belied his real feelings.
5. She is cheerful in spite of his illness.
6. The cheerful room was panelled in pine.Sentence dictionary
7. She was always cheerful and outgoing.
8. You're not your usual cheerful self today.
9. I'm amazed that she keeps so cheerful.
10. Josephine was bright, lively and cheerful.
11. His cheerful joke made us forget our weariness.
12. He gave me a cheerful greeting.
13. Can we talk about a more cheerful subject?
14. He has a cheerful but quiet character.
15. He felt bright and cheerful and full of energy.
16. The nurse was a cheerful plump woman.
17. Behind her cheerful facade , she's a really lonely person.
18. He's got brown eyes and a cheerful smile.
19. She was always cheerful in adversity.
20. His cheerful whistle dispelled her fears.
21. They are both very cheerful in spite of their colds.
22. Be happy, be cheerful.It's time to celebrate.My friend was born today.Hope your course is charted for lots of luck all the year through.
23. She was feeling more cheerful than before.
24. Keep only cheerful friends. The grouches pull you down.
25. She was always so cheerful and full of life .
26. Maya's cheerful manner just serves / acts as camouflage.
27. At the banquet we chin - chinned and tried to look cheerful.
28. Even at the end, when cancer racked his body, he was calm and cheerful.
29. She lived in the village with her grandparents as cheerful as a lark.
30. We will miss him as a worker amongst us and also as a cheerful friend who could always brighten the day around here.
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