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Reasonable in a sentence

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Synonym: fairjustjustifiablelogicalpracticalrationalrealisticsanesensiblesoundAntonym: unreasonableSimilar words: personablereasonseasonaltreasonreasoningseasonin seasonunableMeaning: ['rɪːznəbl]  adj. 1. showing reason or sound judgment 2. not excessive or extreme 3. marked by sound judgment. 
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1 The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. 
2 It seems a perfectly reasonable request to make.
3 They've lived together in reasonable harmony for many years.
4 The police apparently thought this explanation perfectly reasonable.
5 Be reasonable! We can't work late every night.
6 Surveys offered at reasonable rates.
7 He's a reasonable sort of chap.
8 He is a reasonable fellow.
9 The play had a reasonable success.
10 It seems a reasonable supposition.
11 She seems like a reasonable person.
12 No reasonable person could refuse.
13 It is reasonable to assume that he knew beforehand that this would happen.
14 The prosecution has to prove beyond reasonable doubt that he is guilty of murder.
15 The company's commitment to providing quality at a reasonable price has been vital to its success.
16 Any reasonable person can see that it is not fair.
17 There's a reasonable prospect that his debts will be paid.
18 You must take all reasonable steps to ensure that the information that you provide is correct.
19 Your opinion is reasonable.
20 It is reasonable to assume the economy will continue to improve.
21 The rent is reasonable, and moreover,[] the location is perfect.
22 Be reasonable - you can't expect her to do all the work on her own!
23 It's reasonable to suppose that people go into this business in search of fame.
24 We have reasonable grounds for believing that you are responsible.
25 I think your demand for higher wages is perfectly reasonable.
26 If a woman is not sexy, she needs emotion; if she is not emotional, she needs reason; if she is not reasonable, she has to know herself clearly. coz only she has is misfortune.
27 We sell a wide range of cosmetics and toiletries at a very reasonable price.
28 All the indications are that we are going to receive reasonable support from abroad.
29 To be good at the game you need a reasonable level of intelligence.
30 We sell a wide range of cosmetics at a very reasonable price.
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