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Insurmountable in a sentence

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Similar words: surmountaccountabilitymountamount toinsurancetablenotabletableauMeaning: [‚ɪnsə(r)'maʊntəbl]  adj. 1. not capable of being surmounted or overcome 2. impossible to surmount. 
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1. There is no insurmountable difficulty before a brave man ; it is in difficult circumstances that a hero distinguishes himself.
2. No difficulty is insurmountable if one sets one's mind on it.
3. Lack of money has proved an almost insurmountable obstacle.
4. They were now faced with seemingly insurmountable technical problems.
5. The age barrier appeared insurmountable.
6. The language difference proved an insurmountable barrier .
7. The problems are not insurmountable.
8. This small country is faced with an insurmountable debt.
9. The crisis doesn't seem like an insurmountable problem.
10. The insurmountable problems of yesterday look easy today.
11. Yet language difficulties have never been insurmountable barriers.
12. It would not constitute an insurmountable problem.
13. While not insurmountable they can be overcome only by those with experience and intimate knowledge of police work.
14. Graham overcame seemingly insurmountable transportation barriers to complete his tour.
15. It is a long and seemingly insurmountable list of challenges to the health and survival of the reef.
16. For a start, sheer distance put a well-nigh insurmountable barrier be-tween me and my peers.
17. While not representing insurmountable obstacles to comparison, it is important to address these problems and outline the strategies for overcoming them.
18. When it comes to entrepreneurship there are no insurmountable barriers except those we impose on ourselves.
19. Some of the things that many people consider insurmountable problems are merely quirks, natural divergences of opinion or taste.
20. The railroads overcame what, until then, had been insurmountable barriers of time and distance.
21. Then it seemed that class differences were an insurmountable barrier, but this too was not the only answer.
22. Ministerial accountability to Parliament is often cited as a stumbling block, but it is not insurmountable.
23. Yet still I do not see the size of the population as an insurmountable problem.
24. The drawbacks to class displays do exist, but they are not insurmountable if you decide that they are worth overcoming.
25. Given Tucson's low-density development, creating an affordable and effective mass transit system remains a nearly insurmountable challenge.
26. The problems in constructing such a device seem at present insurmountable, but who can predict the future?
27. It gives us the confidence to cope with other apparently insurmountable problems, knowing that we have excelled ourselves before. 3.
28. I'd never skied in my life but that wasn't an insurmountable problem!
29. This much is perhaps to be expected from some one who faced insurmountable difficulties in coping with the work.
30. Items with high added value would only be subcontracted if there were insurmountable problems of some sort in making it in-house.
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