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Attainable in a sentence

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Similar words: sustainableattainabominableinterminableenableunableamenablecomplain aboutMeaning: [-nəbl] adj. capable of being attained or accomplished. 
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1. This standard of English should be easily attainable by every child in the class.
2. This standard is easily attainable by most students.
3. It is unrealistic to believe perfection is an attainable goal.
4. We have also set some demanding but attainable financial targets.
5. Meeting these attainable short-term goals and progressively crossing them off the list can provide an important sense of achievement and reinforcement.
6. Escher worked in endless repetition, attainable here with a click.
7. This target should be attainable.
8. These objectives are certainly attainable.
9. We believe that this level of performance is fully attainable.
10. We must ensure that we do not set ourselves goals that are not attainable.
11. The government's target of 3.5% annual growth seems easily attainable.
12. He or she is a pragmatic dreamer, a person with an original but attainable vision.
13. Never stop just because you feel defeated. The journey to the other side is attainable only after great suffering. Santosh Kalwar 
14. Honda uses great care to make the goals reasonable and attainable, and the top leaders are especially sensitive in that regard.
15. It is an ambitious target, but Leblanc believes it is attainable.
16. House broker County NatWest expects a 36 p.c. rise to £14.4m pre-tax for 1991 and sees £19.3m as attainable this year.
17. Three hundred years later he is remembered as an honourable man, an epithet to be prized above the highest awards attainable.
18. That is, better an unattainable ideal than a limited attainable goal when it comes to the welfare of our fellow men.
19. This will not occur if lack of competition enables firms to keep their prices above the lowest attainable costs of production.
20. Most students find that the first job does eventually come along, and even that elusive Equity card is attainable.
21. And, according to Smith, a success rate of more than 90 percent is attainable in simple, uncomplicated cases.
21. is a online sentence dictionary, on which you can find excellent sentences for a large number of words.
22. It sometimes helps to deal with problems one at a time, so the goals seem attainable.
23. Part 2 may have been concerned with the kinetics of the reactions between hydrogen isotopes under the conditions attainable.
24. The porous plate technique proved inadequate since, due to the tightness of the rock, the minimum saturation attainable was 79%.
25. The great advantage of using lower-energy photons rather than X-rays is the greater resolution attainable.
26. Beer goggles are fictitious eyeglasses which purportedly cause an inebriated wearer to see members of the opposite sex as more romantically attainable or physically attractive than they actually are.
27. The H-bomb appears on the public horizon as a probably attainable goal.
28. The choice of pumping system depends on required pumping speed, ultimate pressure attainable ( in a reasonable time ).
29. And yet my state is supremely actual and , therefore , possible, realisable, attainable.
30. If the pathogeny is OK comb-out or those who correct, anaemia is attainable also cure.
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