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Tonsil in a sentence

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Sentence count:62Posted:2017-02-22Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: utensilprehensileconsignconsistmonsignorconsiderconsignorconsist ofMeaning: ['tɑnsl /'tɒnsl]  n. either of two masses of lymphatic tissue one on each side of the oral pharynx. 
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1. I had my tonsils out when I was ten.
2. The doctor cut out his tonsils.
3. I've had my tonsils out .
4. The tonsils become fiery red and swollen.
5. "He has had his tonsils out and has been ill, too," she noted in her diary.
6. Free dentists, free operations, free tonsils, free milk.
7. Yes, your tonsils are inflamed.
8. The answer could be to remove the tonsils or adenoids, according to a study of 60 children in Oxford.
9. The filtering function of lymphatic tissue enables the tonsils and adenoids to trap pathogens.
10. Tonsil is phlogistic become an operation how many money.
11. Finish should those notice on food after tonsil operation?
12. What is tonsil agnail? Is there what symptom? What treats folk prescription?
13. The misdiagnosed diseases were chronic tonsillitis, tonsil vegetation, pharyngitis, lymphatic tissue hyperplasia, etc.
14. About 12% of the tonsil cells tested positive for the protein CD4, which sits on the surface of immune cells that are particularly vulnerable to infection by the virus.
15. To explore the role of radioheating hemostasia after tonsil extirpate.
16. If you keep getting throat infections you might have to have your tonsils out .
17. On the fourth day after the operation gram-positive rods were seen in a bacterial culture from the tonsil tissue.
18. Eight more people are also believed to be suffering from the condition following either brain scans or tonsil tests.
19. There were large greyish membranes on the hypopharynx and the right tonsil,( which was necrotic.
20. These small cerebellar projections - we call them the tonsils - have been compressed against the bony rim of the foramen magnum.
21. Your mouth was hung that far open - we could have took your tonsils out with nail scissors.
22. Added to which, my limbs had begun to ache and my tonsils felt as if some one had sandpapered them.
23. Once in a while some one has such a severe throat infection that they form a large boil behind the tonsils.
24. The Structure of Peyer's patch was similar to that of caecal tonsil, which consisted of densely-packed lymphoid cells and many lymphoid nodules (germinal centres).
25. Because the chronic leukemia patient may the cell infiltration cause the nose armor, the tonsil, to hire the hyoid arch plump swelling, but presents the blocking sleep apnea.
26. IFNAR1, IFNAR2 and IFNGR2 transcripts were detectable in spleen, thymus, caecum tonsil and liver and IFNGR2 was also also detected in muscle.
27. The malignant lymphoma is the main tumor type happened in palatine tonsil.
28. Objective To research the efficiency of radiotherapy combined with local hyperthermia for the tonsil carcinoma.
29. Objective:To investigate the surgery of partial resection of processus styloideus preserved tonsil through inside of oral cavity.
30. On the basis of decoction, revise it with symptoms for treating the acute pyogenic otitis media, nasal vestibule furuncle, the pus around tonsil, etc.
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