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Terrestrial in a sentence

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Antonym: celestialSimilar words: extraterrestrialtrial and errorindustrialequestrianpedestrianrestrictindustrializerestrictionMeaning: [tɪ'restrɪəl]  adj. 1. of or relating to or inhabiting the land as opposed to the sea or air 2. of or relating to or characteristic of the planet Earth or its inhabitants 3. operating or living or growing on land 4. concerned with the world or worldly matters 5. of this earth. 
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1. Terrestrial longitude is measured in degrees east or west of the Greenwich meridian.
2. Terrestrial amphibians respire through their skin.
3. Newton proposed that heavenly and terrestrial motion could be unified with the idea of gravity.
4. Are your obsessions terrestrial or eternal?
5. Many terrestrial forms simply did not live in environments in which preservation was possible.
6. Such terrestrial plants could certainly cause harm the water quality.
7. Others held that meteorites were more immediately terrestrial in origin, being akin to volcanic bombs ejected by violent eruption events.
8. There are three main ways in which the terrestrial planets could have acquired their volatiles.
9. A terrestrial plant will always be stunted in growth and assimilation and can never be a match for a true aquatic plant.
10. The Himalayas have proved an impassable barrier to terrestrial animals.
11. Others were a mixture of genetic strands, part terrestrial, part non.
12. Another exciting prospect for future power generation is terrestrial fusion power.
13. A variety of simple terrestrial life-forms can thrive in a medium of liquid water with carbon dioxide and ammonia available.
14. In rugby circles, there is nothing but criticism for the coverage of sport on terrestrial TV.
15. Comets and carbonaceous asteroids of the appropriate energy disrupt too high, whereas typical iron objects reach and crater the terrestrial surface.
16. Development of this approach in experimental closed ecosystems promises big terrestrial payoffs from this form of space biotechnology.
17. The compression will let digital audio-visual services be carried by terrestrial and satellite channels, telecommunications networks or digital storage devices.
18. The inner edge of the belt, the part closest to Mars and the other terrestrial planets, is compositionally complex.
19. Such warmer, higher-pressure environments would be conducive to the introduction of hardy terrestrial life-forms.
20. The mean density of Mercury indicates that its interior is substantially different from the interiors of the other terrestrial planets.
21. Ask yourself: does yours have the capacity to override the terrestrial static that interferes with radio reception sometimes?
22. Outline the evidence that some sort of late heavy bombardment occurred on all terrestrial planets. 5.
23. The subsequent history of the amphibians includes a further development of terrestrial forms, but others remained wholly or partly aqueous.
24. Before advancing towards your assignment, please report to the supply store to check you are fully equipped for terrestrial habitation.
25. Finally, Mercury and the Moon may be much less thoroughly outgassed than the other terrestrial planets.
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26. The cometary events responsible for these multiple episodes of fragmentation are clearly important to the terrestrial planets.
27. Sampling of farms is likely to follow a national land classification system developed by the Institute of Terrestrial Ecology at Merlewood.
28. Their fossil remains seem to occur with other animals and plants, which are generally accepted as terrestrial.
29. Migrating continents I have proposed four simple distributional patterns for both marine and terrestrial animals which involve changes in time.
30. The most likely fate is to collide with one of the terrestrial planets.
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