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Antibacterial in a sentence

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Similar words: bacteriamaterialcharacterizecharacteristicmaterializematerialismmaterialisticdevice characteristicMeaning: n. any drug that destroys bacteria or inhibits their growth. adj. destroying bacteria or inhibiting their growth. 
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1 Antibacterial treatments can take the form of baths, external application to affected areas, injection and oral administration via the food.
2 Conclusion The LVLX was an antibacterial drug of broad-spectrum.
3 CONCLUSION: Amalgam had some antibacterial property.
4 Benzoic acid has antibacterial and antifungal properties.
5 The technology of antibacterial fiber and antibacterials were reviewed.
6 Antibacterial Auxogen, no-drug resistance, and safety to use.
7 Objective To research Galla Chinensis antibacterial effect in vitro.
8 Antibotics are somewhat selective in their antibacterial actions.
9 Methods:Argentum was used as antibacterial agent to prepare the argentation medical polypropylene mesh with chemistry liquid phase the meshes with Rochelle salt as reducing agent.
10 It proved that there was synergia antibacterial activity in drug combination of FOM-Ca and Cefotaxime against 6 strains above.
11 An antibacterial drug, C10H 24N 2O 2,( used in combination with other drugs in the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis.
12 Antibacterial soaps kill, well, bacteria—often with this broad-spectrum antimicrobial agent, which inhibits fatty acid synthesis. In higher concentrations, it destabilizes bacterial cell walls.
13 Objective To evaluate in vitro antibacterial activity of Galla Chinensis ethanol extractant against S . epidermidis.
14 Antibacterial synergist trimethoprim was synthesized from p-cresol in an overall yield as high as 40.6%.
15 ObjectiveTo study the anti-inflammatory effects(in vivo)and antibacterial effects(in vitro)of different concentration ethanol and water extracts from Lithospermum erythrorhizon.
16 The main antibacterial constituents are focused on hydroxybenzene, tannins, organic acid.
17 The antibacterial activity of sesamin was remarkable compared with sodium benzoate at the same concentration.
18 At the same time Photocatalyst also has antibacterial, sterilization, deodorant, anti-pollution , water, anti - ultraviolet , and other functions.
19 Another problem is that some synthetics smell, even when washed, so look for fibres coated with an antibacterial agent.
20 It is said that the final preparations owed their antibacterial activity to the phenol which they contained as a preservative.
21 One or two other workers made attempts at isolating the antibacterial substance from Penicillium during the 1930s.
22 More severe cases require identification of the bacterial types involved and selection of a specific antibacterial product.
23 Mop up turkey juices with a paper towel[], then use an antibacterial cleanser to wash down the counter and sink.
24 In principle, the techniques were now established by which other antibacterial substances could be nailed down.
25 Clean the inside of an eye cup or a plain drinking cup using antibacterial soap.
26 Methods HA coatings with silver-zirconium phosphate antimicrobial were deposited via vacuum plasma spraying, and then their antibacterial capability to Pg, Fn and Aa were examined.
27 Conclusion:The method mentioned in this study can eliminate the antibacterial effect of injecting cefmetazole, therefore the examination was of nicety and reliability.
28 METHODS The title compounds were designed and synthesized from rifamycin S, and the antibacterial activities of these compounds in vitro were tested.
29 Thioribose and deoxy- thioribose is one type of important pharmaceutical intermediates. They are widely used in the synthesis of anticancer, antibacterial and antiviral medicines.
30 In this paper, we make reviews for antifungal agents, antiparasitic drugs, antiprotozoal drugs, antibacterial agents and antiviral leads from marine and their bioactivity.
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