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Suppression in a sentence

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Similar words: expressiondepressioncompressionimpressionaggressioncongressionaloppressorsessionMeaning: [sə'preʃn]  n. 1. (botany) the failure to develop of some part or organ of a plant 2. the act of withholding or withdrawing some book or writing from publication or circulation 3. forceful prevention; putting down by power or authority 4. (psychology) the conscious exclusion of unacceptable thoughts or desires. 
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(1) suppression of evidence/emotions/free speech, etc.
(2) The suppression of the revolt took a mere two days.
(3) A mother's suppression of her own feelings can cause problems.
(4) He was injured in the bloody suppression of the uprising.
(5) The suppression of the strike led to sympathy strikes in other industries.
(6) Suppression of press freedom has not happened.
(7) Its suppression after Everett's death was a shattering blow.
(8) During the suppression of the agrarian unrest of 1830 he attempted, unsuccessfully, to improve the wages of labourers around Dorchester.
(9) But experiments using the conditioned suppression procedure have generated doubts about the generality of this conclusion.
(10) We were very impressed with the noise suppression on this planer, as most planers tend to be as noisy as routers.
(11) The suppression of colour made it possible to control the aesthetic qualities of the picture and helped to structure its connotative meaning.
(12) Readers familiar with English history will find a vague parallel to the suppression of the monasteries.
(13) Becoming part of a team should not mean the suppression of individuality.
(14) The inspectors found no evidence which supported any allegation of suppression of official documents.
(15) Eye problems can indicate an unhealthy lifestyle with subsequent suppression of the immune system.
(16) The FDA has also approved the herpes drug Valtrex for suppression of herpes outbreaks.
(17) The presumption should be in favor of publication and transmission rather than suppression or prior restraint(, no matter what the medium.
(18) It relies upon terror and oppression, a controlled press and radio, fixed elections, and the suppression of personal freedoms.
(19) Thanks largely to the tradition of the harem and their own recent suppression, Arab women had a strong sense of sisterhood.
(20) The unlocking of the receptor leads to the creation or suppression of a nerve impulse in the second cell.
(21) Not fear of rabies, that is, but of lost budgets: millions of dollars a year for rabies suppression programs.
(22) It appears that thyroid hormone is also required for full suppression of antidiuretic hormone release.
(23) Many of them appear to have been angered and disappointed at the church's suppression of the proposed scheme.
(24) Now, to political and economic repression in these areas was added cultural suppression.
(25) The wholeness of Geertz's cultural reading of the Balinese is achieved only by omission and suppression.
(26) The racket also absorbs shock on impact by way of its Tri-Level Shock Suppression System.
(27) Side effects of allopurinol include drug fever, skin rash, hepatotoxicity, bone marrow suppression, vasculitis, and exfoliative dermatitis.
(28) The deaf of all countries face similar educational experiences and suppression of their sign language.
(29) Bismarck used two issues to divide the liberals and unite his new majority: protectionism and the suppression of the Social Democrats.
(30) The pro-Noriega Press, the only newspapers permitted to publish, gloated over the general's suppression of the coup.
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