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Contaminate in a sentence

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Sentence count:55Posted:2016-10-17Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: corruptdefileinfectpolluteSimilar words: laminatedexaminationdominateeliminatevitaminnominationruminationcontainMeaning: [-neɪt]  v. 1. make impure 2. make radioactive by adding radioactive material. 
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1. One secret military unit tried to contaminate the drinking water of the refugees.
2. Publicity before the trial can contaminate a jury.
3. This drip could contain bacteria and contaminate other food.
4. Lead in plumbing can contaminate drinking water.
5. Foreigners are seen to contaminate their precious homogeneity and disturb the peace.
6. That monkey viruses can contaminate live vaccines is not in doubt.
7. Landfills can contaminate drinking-water if they not properly constructed.
8. All over the world, oil spills regularly contaminate coasts.
9. Hosts contaminate our tombs and crosses burn our skin.
10. White cells contaminate the red cell and platelet components.
11. Common ingredients likely to contaminate products with formaldehyde include quaternium-15, DMDM hydantoin, imidazolidinyl urea and diazolidinyl urea.
12. Congest, contaminate, create accidents.
13. Idling a vehicle can also contaminate engine oil and accelerate the deterioration of engine components.
14. The sources of organisms that may contaminate the wound are numerous.
15. Juices left in bags that contained raw meat can contaminate the cooked leftovers.
16. I know the rats are a worry because they are so dangerous and can contaminate food.
17. Water rising through abandoned mines could pollute rivers, kill wildlife and contaminate drinking water.
18. The issue was whether or not the bacteria in his body would contaminate the local ecosystem.
19. The heating can also cause the resist to form volatile materials, which contaminate the ultra-clean environment of the chip factory.
20. Ruptures would cut the eastern states off from their supply of oil and contaminate ground water.
21. The tribe fear that tailings from the mine may contaminate local waterways.
22. Caesium accumulates up the food chain from the soil through vegetation to contaminate meat.
23. Also avoid tinned foods, because the phenolic resin that is used to line the tin can contaminate the food.
24. It can also deteriorate cement, brick and wood and eventually contaminate ground water.
25. He expresses extreme concern about how the entertainment industry is able to contaminate the mind of the public.
26. But intensive crop production requires heavy use of agro-chemicals,[] which can contaminate the environment in health-harming ways.
27. We have to constantly guard our heart and not allow and contaminate us.
28. Captain Bligh: It is a matter of supernatural indifference to me whether you contaminate the natives or the natives contaminate you.
29. Listeria can survive on metal surfaces — such as the interior of soft ice cream machines — and may contaminate batch after batch of products.
30. Atmospheric lead from industrial pollution or leaded gasoline can contaminate food through deposition on agricultural crop plants.
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