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Containment in a sentence

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Sentence count:111Posted:2016-10-17Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: entertainmentcontaincontainerenvironmentalenvironmental protectionmaintainassignmentgovernmentMeaning: [-mənt]  n. 1. a policy of creating strategic alliances in order to check the expansion of a hostile power or ideology or to force it to negotiate peacefully 2. (physics) a system designed to prevent the accidental release of radioactive material from a reactor 3. the act of containing; keeping something from spreading. 
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1. The government is pursuing a policy of containment.
2. Containment of crowd violence was the police's main concern.
3. Fire crews are hoping they can achieve full containment of the fire before the winds pick up.
4. Your list might include such things as cost containment, quality, or customer satisfaction.
5. The policy, in other words, was containment, not rollback.
6. The problem with Saatchi is cost containment.
7. Indeed, for many municipalities a concern with cost containment and with stimulating private investment became a practical necessity.
8. The important question of the containment of head and shoulders within the frame is dealt with variously.
9. The immediate emphasis will be on cost containment and cash conservation.
10. Containment relieves anxiety about strong feelings and impulses getting out of control.
11. His doctrine, containment, proved to have been a wise choice over the long haul.
12. Radioactivity is induced in the metallic containment vessel that surrounds a reactor core by neutrons that escape from the core.
13. Until we'd built up sufficient forces to drive the invaders back, we pursued a policy of containment.
13. try its best to collect and make good sentences.
14. The Czechoslovakian coup did two things absolutely necessary for the adoption of the containment policy.
15. Typically, managers focus on operating their area of assigned responsibility for efficiency, cost containment, and compliance with delivery schedules.
16. The firm which had fire-proofed the building got high praise for the containment of the blaze.
17. Eisenhower and Dulles saw such an outcome as a victory for Communist aggression and a failure of containment.
18. Some general managers had been rather unfairly linked with cost containment and cutbacks.
19. The crusade against Communism, therefore, took the form of containment rather than attack.
20. Nevertheless, new problems of access were appearing on the horizon, as were issues of cost containment.
21. In practice, therefore, Eisenhower and Dulles continued the policy of containment.
22. In contrast, the general view is that disposing of high-level waste must involve isolation and containment.
23. Genetically modified organisms: The bill provides for additional safeguards against the import, containment and release of Genetically Modified Organisms.
24. Looking back I think she could hardly have lived anywhere more suited to the containment of her difficulty.
25. Officials hope to avoid rupturing any fuel rods, which could release deadly radioactive gas into the containment building.
26. Dulles used massive retaliation as the chief instrument of containment.
27. Far from rejecting internationalism and retreating to isolationism, the Republicans were proposing to go beyond containment.
28. A spill would be especially damaging since equipment normally used for containment could not operate in such shallow waters.
29. Big bombers carrying nuclear weapons were the means through which he reconciled lower military expenditures with a foreign policy of containment.
30. Central to Greenblatt's readings is the argument of subversion and containment.
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