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Substantive in a sentence

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Synonym: essentialmeatysubstantialSimilar words: substantialsubstantiatesubstantiallyinsubstantialsubstantiationsubstancecircumstantialquantitativeMeaning: ['sʌbstəntɪv]  n. a noun or a pronoun that is used in place of a noun. adj. 1. having a firm basis in reality and being therefore important, meaningful, or considerable 2. defining rights and duties as opposed to giving the rules by which rights and duties are established 3. being on topic and prompting thought. 
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(1) Substantive research on the subject needs to be carried out.
(2) The report concluded that no substantive changes were necessary.
(3) The State Department reported that substantive discussions had taken place with Beijing.
(4) The documents are the first substantive information obtained by the investigators.
(5) Reporters are often reluctant to examine substantive political issues.
(6) Our discussions were wide-ranging and substantive.
(7) The Basic Law identifies constitutionality with substantive democratic legitimacy.
(8) Reporters are often reluctant to examine substantive issues.
(9) The new regulations are both symbolic and substantive.
(10) The other kind of reason is the substantive one.
(11) The substantive powers of the Weimar President have been recast and redistributed.
(12) And Lord Hodson was concerned primarily with the substantive merits and demerits of the Bill, not with its legal technicalities.
(13) They include substantive conclusions about what would be different in philosophy if it were influenced by feminine rather than by masculine assumptions.
(14) The most substantive problem, which advocates try to hide, is that the flat tax is a sop to the rich.
(15) Thus, substantive comparison of these countries and the generalizations about civic culture must be treated with suspicion.
(16) They plan to meet again in Rome very soon to begin substantive negotiations.
(17) The conventions have become nothing but cheerleading rallies for the presidential campaign ahead, their substantive political role all but eliminated.
(18) Increasingly[], researchers have attempted to conceptualize speaker variables in such a way as to solve a widening range of substantive problems.
(19) And, by extension, does the choice of research design make a difference to the substantive results?
(20) The kind of dependence that marriage creates between adult spouses raises substantive questions of status and power.
(21) His text, then, is an instance of statutory interpretation rather than substantive and wholesale innovation.
(22) Rawls's representative agent is portrayed as a disembodied party devoid of any substantive human characteristics except rationality.
(23) Finally, ignorance of the cultural and theoretical perspective that underlies a study can colour its substantive conclusions.
(24) I should like to make a couple of points about the Bill's two substantive provisions before turning to its hidden agenda.
(25) But, as Robert Frank has convincingly argued, there was also a substantive issue.
(26) As at Dalat in April, the Fontainebleau conference failed entirely on substantive issues.
(27) Neither will likely become a reality this year, for political and substantive reasons.
(28) They simply wanted to convert the interim care order into a substantive care order.
(29) On this view the distinction between the application of the terms natural justice and fairness is linguistic rather than substantive.
(30) Judges are normally appointed as chairmen of those numerous committees which are concerned with reform of substantive law or legal procedure.
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