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Protestant in a sentence

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Antonym: CatholicSimilar words: protestgrotesqueprotectproteininstantaneousprotectedprotectiveprotectionMeaning: ['prɒtɪstənt]  n. 1. an adherent of Protestantism 2. the Protestant churches and denominations collectively. adj. 1. of or relating to Protestants or Protestantism 2. making a protest. 
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1. The Protestant denominations include the Methodists, the Presbyterians and the Baptists.
2. The family was staunchly Protestant.
3. Is he a Catholic or a Protestant?
4. The students of Umtata High School were mostly Protestant.
5. Most Protestant churches now have women ministers.
6. Is she a Catholic or a Protestant?
7. The majority of the population is Protestant.
8. The city had been gerrymandered so that the Protestant minority retained control.
9. England shifted officially from a Catholic to a Protestant faith in the 16th century.
10. Other Protestant Unionists were fielded against liberal O'Neillites.
11. Catholic areas generally retained higher fertility than Protestant ones.
12. Catholic and protestant church organization straddles the border.
13. Protestant conservatism has a different flavour from Catholic conservatism.
14. The good old Protestant work ethic.
15. Protestant loyalists dominated the statelet from its formation.
16. Protestant voices now and then broke the silence.
17. They knew differences chiefly among Protestant sects.
18. Parades are the very stuff of Protestant politics.
19. I was a Protestant in a Catholic community.
20. Are they Catholic or Protestant?
21. Religion: Christianity-around 70% Roman Catholic,( 15% Protestant.
22. Such issues have paralyzed some Protestant churches in recent times.
23. The two planned by-elections gave the Protestant Unionists the opportunity they needed to maintain the momentum of their electoral challenge.
24. We must progress towards full integration of Catholic and Protestant pupils in Ireland.
25. Vincent's father spent more time ministering to the Catholic majority than to his own Protestant flock in the Brabant.
26. This is a special project supported and organised by all the Protestant churches in the country.
27. The last three groups were a type of radical Protestant sometimes called Anabaptist, because they did not believe in infant baptism.
28. It had further taught them that bomb casualties in Protestant districts frequently included a substantial proportion of Roman Catholics.
29. But I thought that to have a saint's care was a good idea, even to my Protestant mind.
30. Kino seemed to picture a kind of great Catholic pincers to squeeze out the Protestant intrusion.
More similar words: protestgrotesqueprotectproteininstantaneousprotectedprotectiveprotectionprotect fromdistantinstantconstantresistantassistantinstantlysubstantialconstantlyequidistantsubstantiallyenvironmental protectioninsubstantialcircumstantialrotegarrotetestdetesttestifytestingcontestproton
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