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Inattentive in a sentence

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Sentence count:37Posted:2017-01-05Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: distractedheedlessnegligentunmindfulwanderingSimilar words: attentiveattentionpay attention toincentivetentativepreventivetentativelyattendMeaning: [‚ɪnə'tentɪv]  adj. 1. showing a lack of attention or care 2. not showing due care or attention. 
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1 Every careless and inattentive person has his past being careful and attentive for someone.
2 An inattentive pupil is unnecessarily an unclever boy or a girl.
3 He was wholly inattentive to the needs of his children.
4 Like Bush, Reagan was inattentive, unlearned and apparently simplistic.
5 That is how inattentive children feel.
6 Roger was hyperactive and inattentive as a child.
7 Item: In Southern California, an inattentive tenant cooking a meal caused a grease fire.
8 The sometimes inattentive audience only betrayed the fact that they were as much participants in the total popular-cultural spectacle as the performers.
9 Often children are inattentive during this stage because they get overloaded.
10 Another hazard in dealing with inattentive children is treating them in a mechanical and inflexible manner.
11 Our seemingly more inattentive child may get turned on by something other than conversations with her parents.
12 The government is still being accused of being inattentive to the plight of the Health Service.
13 In spite of the inattentive servers and the bad decor, it's worth eating at Leon's for the great cheap food.
14 The state of being drowsy or inattentive; dullness.
15 However, his logic is imprecise, incautious, and inattentive.
16 Julia is an inattentive pupil.
17 She is inattentive to her guests.
18 He pretended not to notice that Mildred was inattentive.
19 In class, Rufus inattentive, angry, and unresponsive.
20 He is smart but inattentive, he sometimes fails to concentrate when he is studying.
21 I was not inattentive to inanimate nature, nor unmindful of the past.
22 In - house mechanism is agile and not inattentive, efficient and do not lose order.
23 Most children can be inattentive , hyperactive,( or impulsive at times.
24 The result is that the inattentive reader can feel cheated by the solution.
25 We tend to think of a highly emotional child as being inattentive, driven by her emotional needs of the moment.
26 It is understandable: the child considers himself safe in the residential street and is inattentive on the way to school.
27 Inadequate information People do not make errors merely because they are careless or inattentive.
28 The storyline has twists and turns to challenge the inattentive.
29 The brocade Yuan hates of gazed wealthy brocade an eye, the rich brocade milli- was inattentive, saw don't look her an eye, return to favour to live work to.
30 My teachers would send notes to my house telling Mum that I had inattentive.
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