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Subsistence farming in a sentence

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Sentence count:31Posted:2017-03-10Updated:2017-03-10
Similar words: subsistencepersistenceinsistenceconsistencyinconsistencysubsistexistenceswarmingMeaning: n. farming that provides for the basic needs of the farmer without surpluses for marketing. 
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1. A great deal of subsistence farming went on among the peasants.
2. Preferential interest rates also favor commercial over subsistence farming in many countries.
3. Right now, there is little choice between limited subsistence farming and hard-knock migration.
4. Cities draw people away from subsistence farming, which is ecologically devastating, and they defuse the population bomb.
5. Agriculture consists largely of subsistence farming and animal husbandry.
6. Rwanda's dependence on traditional subsistence farming meant that the only way to grow more food was to move onto ever more marginal land.
7. While subsistence farming will continue in Africa, he said, there is also an effort to promote larger commercial farming.
8. Its broad, international coverage includes feedlot systems, transport, subsistence farming systems and the contribution of cattle production systems to land, air and water pollution.
9. Therefore, subsistence farming is more sustainable on the land, in the social system, and economically.
10. Natural resources were protected: Uncontrolled grazing, subsistence farming, fuel wood gathering and cultivation of crops on slopes had left huge areas of the Plateau devastated.
11. It is a place of subsistence farming, where four-fifths are poor and a few are very rich.
12. This vast, dispersed rural workforce would need, and would receive, only the education needed for manual subsistence farming.
13. In this buffer zone around the park, people survive through subsistence farming and cash crops such as cotton.
14. It report points out that, in many developing countries, women are primarily responsible for subsistence farming.
15. Moreover, the arable land is more suited to collective as opposed to subsistence farming.
16. Wine formed the most important cash crop, while cereal production generally took the form of subsistence farming.
17. Campesinos are hard hit by the economic crisis and government forces have deliberately destroyed the livelihood of many subsistence farming families.
18. She will most probably be involved in agriculture, in subsistence farming of crops like rice.
19. In the early l960s Bengali agriculture consisted mainly of subsistence farming.
20. It was there in 1903 that quarrymen went on strike for three and a half years, surviving on subsistence farming.
21. The effects can still be seen today, with around 70% of Cambodia's workforce employed in subsistence farming.
22. At the same time, China started to develop an integrated and powerful commercial economy, with cash crops taking the place of subsistence farming.
23. These guineas were hardy and efficient, gaining well on the roughest of forage, and producing the hams, bacon and lard essential for subsistence
24. The chain seeks to appeal to wealthier Africans as well as to people living at an income level just above that of subsistence farming.
25. For the poor of the third-world countries, there is, for the most part, no money, no exchange of goods — just basic survival by subsistence farming or by hunting or fishing for food.
26. Increases in malnutrition are expected to be especially severe in countries where large populations depend on rain-fed subsistence farming.
27. It suggests that, even though much of the country is cut off from the food-distribution system, rural dwellers survive precariously through subsistence farming.
28. Because in many cases, the plantations own the most fertile land (which was most often acquired unscrupulously) and the local people won't survive from subsistence farming alone.
29. The researchers think that this occurred about a century ago, just when commercial agriculture was replacing subsistence farming and maize started to overshadow indigenous crops in Africa.
30. In the past few years, however, agricultural practices have changed from subsistence farming to growing larger-scale commercial crops.
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