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Stench in a sentence

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Synonym: fetorfoetormalodormalodourmephitisreekstinkSimilar words: existencesubsistenceconsistencybenchquenchwrenchdrenchFrenchMeaning: [stentʃ] n. a distinctive odor that is offensively unpleasant. 
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1. The air was filled with the overpowering stench of decomposing vegetation.
2. The stench of the cellar filled my nostrils.
3. I gagged on the stench of stale urine.
4. The stench of rotting meat made him gag.
5. The stench of treachery hung in the air.
6. For some time after the minister's resignation, the stench of scandal hung over the government.
7. There was a strong stench of dead bodies.
8. The stench from rotting food is stomach-churning.
9. The stench coming from the toilets was quite unspeakable.
10. The sickening stench of rotting rubbish rose into the air.
11. The stench of burning rubber was overpowering.
12. The stench of low tide hung over the entire area, from the river all the way over to the Five Points.
13. The heat and stench of the converted barn was suddenly unbearable.
14. The air chokes with the stench of petrochemicals.
15. And a sickening stench of stale alcohol and stale smoke and an awful smell from the lavatories.
16. The stench of rotting, wounded flesh is enough to make you vomit.
17. The stench from the sink is almost unbearable, the sour odour of vomit, half-digested food and beer.
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18. The stench from the carcass filled the Chamber; a pungent mixture of sewage and vanilla.
19. Along with that sound goes the overpowering stench of mendacity and cant.
20. Just inhaling the thick stench down here can fill a person with incurable disease.
21. The stench cut straight through to his stomach.
22. The stench of the fuel floated above the pond Monday and rainbow slicks could be seen near its mouth.
23. The stench of the skunk seems to last forever.
24. It was all very violent and distressing to observe at close quarters and the stench really brought it home to me.
25. She could smell the chemical effluent off the agricultural land: she couldn't remember having noticed that stench before.
26. Two days dead, the body was beginning to putrefy and the stench made both Benjamin and myself gag.
27. She felt an icy wind howl over her, a graveyard stench enter her throat, a chill finger touch her cheek.
28. As the hand was held on the blazing ring, the stench of burning flesh was clearly noticeable in the hot air.
29. All around, thousands of their compatriots waited in pitiful food queues as the stench of raw sewage hung over Trnopolje.
30. He needed a bath and quickly, he imagined he could smell smoke and the sour stench of sweat from his skin.
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