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Sister-in-law in a sentence

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Sentence count:41Posted:2017-03-04Updated:2017-03-04
Similar words: blisteringadministeringin-lawssisterinsistentpersistentunassistedinsistenceMeaning: ['sɪstər‚ɪn‚lɔː]  n. the sister of your spouse. 
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(1) Police surveillance has prevented us contacting your sister-in-law.
(2) His contemporaries believed he made his sister-in-law take out substantial life insurance and then poisoned her.
(3) My sister-in-law made a spread, and the three battered travelers sat down to eat.
(4) Her sister-in-law wore canary yellow trimmed with black marten fur.
(5) Her sister-in-law, on the other hand, has been more of an extrovert.
(6) Rumour had it that Gaunt had poisoned his sister-in-law in order to gain possession of the whole of the inheritance.
(7) It was true that Penelope was a vicar's sister-in-law, but that was a poorer, meaner thing altogether.
(8) My sister-in-law Joy has another twist on this white / yellow / butter / salt / sweet comfort food thing.
(9) His sister-in-law kills hers, along with its two small cousins, before swallowing poison herself sooner than surrender to the gas ovens.
(10) My sister-in-law handles the allowance issue in such a way that her kids have learned to budget money.
(11) For tonight at least, she was Anne Mowbray, sister-in-law to the handsome prince who was soon to be crowned.
(12) My sister-in-law answered, that was me.
(13) Request: Your future sister-in-law wants to throw you a shower, but you don't want the fuss.
(14) But as my sister-in-law happened to be in Brighton with her children I weathered the first shock of it under her shelter.
(15) My wife entered the room, with my sister-in-law, she yelled, Where's my millionaire?
(16) Catherine supped with her brother sister-in-law: Joseph I joined in an unsociable meal, seasoned with reproofs on one side sauciness on the other.
(17) Apparently my big-mouthed sister-in-law, who is so lazy, she has nothing to do but stay at home and watch TV heard the numbers, and called her.
(18) The elder sister-in-law heard noise to make track for to come out, we hurriedly"oh"1, absquatulate .
(19) The master sees countrywoman says: "This sister-in-law, those who be a hard job to me is prentice be you is incorrect, such, I also guess a word then please " .
(20) My sister-in-law rebuked her and led her away, to save us the sudden shock at dead of night.
(21) As a postscript to that story I told you last week, it turned out that the woman was his sister-in-law.
(22) Did you know that Hugh had gone off with his sister-in-law?
(23) Session three Two weeks later Liz had moved in with her brother and sister-in-law and seemed much happier in herself.
(24) The glances Stella and Alexis exchanged seemed more intimate than was usual between a brother-in-law and a sister-in-law.
(25) But then I remembered a conversation I had overheard her having with her sister-in-law.
(26) Their son, John F. Kennedy Jr., died with his wife and sister-in-law when his plane crashed as he was flying to Martha's Vineyard in 1999.
(27) His brother now had to assume responsibility for them as well as for his own growing family, particularly when it soon became evident that his sister-in-law, Ethel, could not cope.
(28) This also may provide you with a legitimate reason to pick someone other than your sister-in-law.
(29) In another letter, written that same month, the administrative director of the Owens Foundation, Mary Dykes, who is Delia Owens's sister-in-law, wrote, "ABC was looking for sensationalism.
(30) " Chuang-tzu" sitting on my desk, the book everywhere punctuate small sister-in-law Juanxiu text.
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