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Insect in a sentence

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Sentence count:286+25 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-07-19Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: dirt balllousewormSimilar words: in secretsectorinsertconsecutivesectionin seasonin search ofinspectorMeaning: ['ɪnsekt]  n. 1. small air-breathing arthropod 2. a person who has a nasty or unethical character undeserving of respect. 
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1. He scratched the insect bite on his leg.
2. The ant is a social insect.
3. He stamped on the insect.
4. He has a collection of rare insect specimens.
5. Don't be silly, that insect can't hurt you.
6. She scratched at the insect bites on her arm.
7. He instanced the fly as dirty insect.
8. Feathers initially developed from insect scales.
9. They classed this insect under the Coleoptera.
10. Do you think butterfly is a type of insect?
11. Rubbing this special cream into the insect bite will help to take away the worst of the pain.
12. Birds are the natural enemies of many insect pests .
13. Put this lotion on the insect bites to stop them hurting.
14. The little boy caught the insect by inverting her cup over it.
15. She was covered in insect bites.
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16. Why did you stamp on that insect?
17. An insect was buzzing around the room.
18. She's as thin as a stick insect.
19. You put the insect in a matchbox.
20. The insect settled on a leaf.
21. The insect bite itched all night.
22. The insect sucks until it is gorged with blood.
23. The lizard darted out its tongue at the insect.
24. Don't forget insect repellent to ward off the mosquitoes.
25. Not a leaf nor an insect stirred.
26. The insect ran up my leg.
27. The insect anchored fast to its prey.
28. An insect bit me on the arm.
29. Please brush this insect off.
30. Honeybees use one of the most sophisticated communication systems of any insect.
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