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Concerning in a sentence

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Similar words: concernconcertconcentratingmorningwarningburningearningsearly warningMeaning: [kən'sɜːn]  v.t.1. to relate to; be connected with; be of interest or importance to; affect: The water shortage concerns us all. 2. to interest or engage (used reflexively or in the passive, often fol. by with or in): She concerns herself with every aspect of the business. 3. to trouble, worry, or disquiet: I am concerned about his health. n.4. something that relates or pertains to a person; business; affair: Law is the concern of lawyers. 5. a matter that engages a person's attention, interest, or care, or that affects a person's welfare or happiness: The party was no concern of his. 6. worry, solicitude, or anxiety: to show concern for someone in trouble. 7. important relation or bearing: This news is of concern to all of us. 8. a commercial or manufacturing company or establishment: the headquarters of an insurance concern. 9. Informal. any material object or contrivance.. 
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1 What do you know concerning this?
2 Concerning his background, I know nothing.
3 She is always concerning herself over him.
4 His work is full of profundities and asides concerning the human condition.
5 He asked several questions concerning the future of the company.
6 I spoke to him concerning his behavior.
7 There are strict regulations concerning the adoption of children.
8 Be prepared for unexpected news concerning your finances.
9 He is often the victim of vituperative remarks concerning his wealth.
10 The former minister faced questions concerning his role in the affair.
11 I am no pedant and avoid being dogmatic concerning English grammar and expression.
12 I wrote to the head of the firm concerning Robert.
13 Is there any doubt concerning his bona fides?
14 The engineer and his son held frequent consultations concerning technical problems.
15 Russell then asked for a show of hands concerning each of the targets.
16 He heard nothing concerning this matter.
17 They have expressed reservations concerning the provisions of the treaty.
18 I've had a letter from the tax authorities concerning my tax payments.
19 Some senior students wrote in asking for information concerning postgraduate studies.
20 He ruminated over various possibilities concerning his future.
21 The director inquired of me about / concerning our work.
22 All cases concerning children are dealt with in a special children's court.
23 It is particularly concerning that he is working for non-British companies while advising on foreign policy.
24 Until more is known concerning his death,( I judge that you must be held in confinement within my custody.
25 The mass media demanded that all the official documents concerning the sale of this land be made public.
26 The sales manager asked his men to inform him of everything concerning the sales in time.
27 I can give you chapter and verse for my statement concerning the date of the incident.
28 The whole nation speak as one man on this issue concerning national sovereignty and territorial integrity.
29 He believes he has something to contribute to a discussion concerning the uprising.
30 On the basis of my own observations, I should like to elucidate a few problems concerning the Soviet Union and China.
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