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Mess in a sentence

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Sentence count:168+30 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-07-19Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: contaminatecorruptdirtydisfigurepolluteSimilar words: Messrsat timesdomesticsometimesat all timesat other timesessaylessMeaning: [mes]  n. 1. a state of confusion and disorderliness 2. informal terms for a difficult situation 3. soft semiliquid food 4. a meal eaten in a mess hall by service personnel 5. a (large) military dining room where service personnel eat or relax 6. (often followed by `of') a large number or amount or extent. v. 1. eat in a mess hall 2. make a mess of or create disorder in. 
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1. He made a frightful mess in the kitchen.
2. Her hair was a tangled mess.
3. Don't mess with me,tell me the truth.
4. They left the house in a frightful mess.
5. This illness makes a mess of my holiday plans.
6. He never got too bothered about the mess.
7. My God, what a mess!
8. Our house is a mess?
9. Who is responsible for this terrible mess?
10. My hair's a real mess!
11. Your room is in a mess. Please tidy it.
12. He felt that his life was a hopeless mess.
13. He looked at the mess and smiled weakly.
14. Drugs can really mess you up.
15. 'It's a complete mess!' she groaned.
15. Wish you can benefit from our online sentence dictionary and make progress day by day!
16. Look at the mess you've made!
17. The kids made a mess in the bathroom.
18. I've made a real mess of my exams.
19. I've warned you already, don't mess with me!
20. The room was in a mess.
21. He makes a terrible mess when he's cooking.
22. When politicians mess things up, it is the people who pay the price.
23. Cleaning up the city-wide mess is going to be a mammoth task.
24. She always makes a mess of things; she is an idiot!
25. He looked a complete mess - dressed anyhow with hair sticking up on end.
26. A waiter mopped up the mess as best he could.
27. He got another chance and didn't want to mess up again.
28. Getting out of this mess was going to require a fair degree of ingenuity.
29. The government has dismissed criticisms that the country's health policy is a mess.
30. Sorry - the place is a bit of a mess .
More similar words: Messrsat timesdomesticsometimesat all timesat other timesessaylesspressblessassessstressvesselaccessdress upimpresspress foractressfitnessessenceconfessdessertsessionprocessaddresswitnessdistressmuch lessbusinesshomeless
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